ByChristopher Joseph Johnson, writer at

After hearing that a Civil War movie would be coming as early as next year, I found myself thinking... "have they really established enough characters, relationships and background in the movies to make this epic conflict the earth-shattering calamity that it was?" After seeing the first trailer the other day, my distinct impression is absolutely not. It seems that marvel has taken the scope of the comic saga Civil War and cut it down to about a third of its original grandeur, which disappoints me utterly. The characters involved are only a mere handful compared to the armies of heroes and villains clashing in the comic. And the moral dilemma which made Civil War so engaging seems to be missing completely from the story. Aside from William Hurt telling Captain America that vigilantism will no longer be tolerated, the issue of Registration and the finality of federalizing Super Heroes is gone completely from the story. This irritates me and worries me. We're off to a bad start, Marvel...a very bad start.


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