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Iron Fist is having trouble getting it feet off the ground because of its magical aspects. We haven't even gotten casting news for him yet. So here are some realistic casting choices for IronFist and some potential ideas for how it will be/ look. But first here are my top 3 choices...

3. Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun is a talented actor as seen in The Walking Dead and would help Marvel be more Ethnically Diverse. Since the character has Chinese roots it could make sense to have a Asian actor portray him.

2. Charlie Hunnam

With Marvel casting actors who have been in mature tv series it would add up that they would aim for a SOA actor. Without the hair and beard Charlie looks a lot like a Iron Fist and has the body type to fit the role.

1. Jensen Ackles

This actor is my number one pick and has all the chips for the role. The body type, the skills, and the serious attitude required for the character.

Show possibilities:

Now I believe instead of a glowing yellow fist that his fist will be covered by something the looks similar to the Smallville heat vision.

I also think that he will earn the Iron Fist in a tournament rather than facing a dragon.

His story will probably have someone from Kun'Lun trying to kill him to take the Iron Fist. His story will probably be set in Harlem so he can meet Luke Cage.

What are you thoughts?

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