ByCollin Totty, writer at

Okay. So we all are excited about this movie.. Even if we where not too excited with Man of Steel. Everyone is talking mostly about the two main characters: Batman and Superman of course. But what about the other characters in this movie? What about who you see in the cast when you simply look the movie up on google. I'm talking about Wonderwoman, Cyborg, and Aquaman. Yes the other characters that play a role in this major movie. What are they showing up in this movie for? It seems they are probably going tone the mediums for the unnecessary battle of God and man. Who's side should we be on? Look at batman. It seems he might have had a family that superman unintentionally killed. It seems this way in the trailer. Also let's look at superman. He saved our planet from somebody that may have been there for him, but at the same time probably would have killed everyone on the planet anyway just to make it suitable for their needs. So he saved them and now the government is putting him on trial for saving them. Which I have no idea how they don't know who he is by him just taking off his glasses. But that's up to DC. So who's side are you on? What role do you think the median characters will play? Let me know in the comments below.


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