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1st up is a modern version of Wonder Woman. I know that that is one of the most obvious and most well known ones, but never the less i think it would be awesome to see a show or movie based on the Wonder Woman from the New 53 as an update from the original 1970's tv series. So yeah.

2nd is a show or movie about Raven. Yeah she's in a lot of teams that have TV shows, but I want one of just her. i especially want something that isn't a cartoon or animated. A live action show would be sick

3rd is a movie or show about Booster Gold. it would be a really cool to see that sci-fi universe and that really sick character come to life in a movie or tv show. He really doesn't get as much credit as he deserves seeing as he's extremely cool.

4th is eight ball. Yes I know that he's a villain but there needs to be some kind of a show or movie that hes the main villain in or he is the main character. I dont really care if it is a cartoon or not, i just think it'd be awesome.

5th is Captain Atom. He is an extremely unknown but extremely cool characters of all times. I actually just very recently found and bought the first Captain Atom comic I'd ever seen in my entire life. It was sick and I realized how cool it would be to see a live action movie or show about him. So that is a definite want for me

6th is Black Canary. The female gadgety, stealthy character is an amazing hero and everyone loved her Marvel copy, Black Widow so why wouldn't everyone love her?

7th is Martian Manhunter who I really love. I think it would be truly sick to see him in a show or movie of his own, not as a part of the JL and not the caretaker and uncle of Miss Martian.

8th is Cyborg. Yes I know he's been in many things including Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Unlimited and the LEGO dc movies and shows, but I'd like to see him alone. Also I want him to be the main character in a live action film or show.

9th is Nightwing. Yes I know that he's just Robin in a different time period, but he's a lot different. I want to see the dark character in his sick jet pack soaring the skies in some sort of show or movie by himself.

And 10th which is the last one but definitely not least, is The Question. This no faced, mysterious, anonymous hero is extremely cool and isn't given enough credit. So it would be sick to see him in something other than the JL stuff.


Which Dc characters from this list do you guys want to see?


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