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December is a busy week for box office, mainly due to the new Star Wars movie. But, other movies are being released that could also be big hits. So, let's predict the box office for all the wide releases in December!

December 4th

Krampus: Krampus is the only wide release coming out on this weekend, so it should enjoy at least a mediocre weekend. This is a horror film, but I think since it is a holiday themed one, it should have another boost. The only thing that is holding it back is the releases from the previous weekends. With 'Creed' earning stellar reviews and buzz, 'The Good Dinosaur' most likely to have a strong hold, and 'Mockingjay Part 2' still going strong, this could affect the films box office chance. But, it should still enjoy a great weekend, even if it doesn't score well with the critics. I'm going with an $18 million opening, and around a $50 million domestic total(think 'Sinister').

December 11th

In the Heart of the Sea: This film has a strong cast, but I feel as everyone will be waiting for the new Star Wars instead. Also, this film isn't earning strong buzz( I have only seen one trailer for it and nothing else) so that should effect its chances. One bright side is that it appeals to an older audience, so that should give it a boost. I don't think it will do great, but I don't think it will be a 'Fantastic Four' 2015 flop. I think this will open with $22 million, and end with around $70 million domestic.

December 18th

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: This is the biggest movie to open this month, and possibly the biggest movie ever. There have been reports that this won't open as well as everyone is thinking, but I think that is just so everyone will be even more shocked when it breaks records. I'm going with a $230 million opening, and around a $670 million domestic finish.

Sisters: This film has a talented cast, and the genre usually opens well. But I think everyone will turn to Star Wars, so this could be a disaster. I know it appeals to a different audience, but Star Wars is just such a big film, that the genre doesn't even matter. The cast should give it a boost, but I'm going with a $6 million opening, and a $20 million finish.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Yes, the third sequel in a row for this franchise to include a cheesy pun in its title. I know everyone except the 6 year olds are groaning, but this is happening. This should open well since the past movies in this franchise have enjoyed $40 million plus openings when major block busters have opened, so it shouldn't flop. But I do think since Star Wars is such a big film, it most likely won't snag another $40 million opening. I'm going with a $30 million opening and around a $110 million domestic finish.

December 25th

Joy: Since so many movies are opening on this day, I'm going to make these a quick prediction. Joy is aimed more at adults, so it should get around a $15 million opening, and leg its way to a $60 million finish.

Daddy's Home: Another R rated comedy, so if Sisters does well, this and Sisters could eat each other up. I'm going with a $13 million opening and a $40 million finish.

Point Break: Absolutely no buzz. Enough said. I'm going with an opening of $4 million, and finish of $13 million.

Concussion: All sports movies open with $10-13 million, but Christmas should give this one a boost. I'm going with an opening of $20 million, and a finish of $75 million.

The Hateful Eight: This film should be a mediocre hit, so I'm going with an opening of $18 million and finish of $60 million.

The Revenant: This one benefits a strong cast, but it depends on the reviews where this will go. If it gets terrible reviews, it should open with $10 million and finish with $30 million. If it earns great reviews it should open with $25 million and finish with $70 million.

Those are all the wide releases for December. I plan to do a prediction every month. Do you agree with my list?


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