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Even though Freddy and Jason gashed it out in 2003's Freddy vs. Jason, the ending was sort of ambiguous, and no true winner has been determined.

Until now...

Let's go over each of the most important areas of this fight, and sort out the facts shall we? (Also, if you wanna find out who'd win between Michael Myers and Jason, click here!)

1. Strength

Is Jason stronger than the dream demon that is Freddy Krueger? Or is Freddy stronger than that mamma's boy Jason? Well lets look at Krueger's advantages first. Freddy is known to be almost omnipotent in the dream world. In the real world he's back at normal human strength though. Jason on the other hand is super humanly strong in both worlds. He also doesn't become weaker in dreams, even though Freddy's a lot more powerful in that realm.

Conclusion - Jason is stronger than Freddy

Jason is strong no matter where he is, while Freddy's only stronger in the dream world.

2. Intelligence

So who's actually smarter between these two slashers? Starting with Freddy, his past movies show him being a pretty smart horror movie villain. One example is how he devised a whole plan to regain his power, and actually manipulated Jason to help him do it! Jason on the other hand would never be able to think of something that advanced. His only area of intelligence comes in when he's picking off a group of people.

Conclusion - Freddy is smarter than Jason

In the horrendous but enjoyable Jason X movie, one character even had this to say about Jason. ''How can someone operate with a brain that small?''

3. Speed

Jumping right into it, Jason is not a very fast guy... anymore. In the original Friday The 13th films Jason was running around everywhere. Or galloping rather. Later on they made him into even more of a Myers replica by having him to just walk places. Freddy's speed is leagues beyond Jason's though. It can be said that his quickness is what kept him in the fight with Jason in Freddy vs. Jason. A movie in which Voorhees was overwhelmingly slow.

Conclusion - Freddy is faster than Jason

Jason has gotten slower and slower throughout the sequels.

4. Durability

This could be a tough one. Both almost always come back from whatever fate they suffer in the previous movie. Both can take some pretty devastating blows as well. Freddy however, is only invincible in the dream world. Pull him into reality and he can't take much. Jason on the other hand is pretty much invulnerable to whatever you throw at him. From gunshots, to toxic waste, Mr. Voorhees can take it all.

Conclusion - Mr. Voorhees is a lot more durable than Krueger.

5. Weapons

As far as killing goes, Krueger can do whatever he wants to you in your dreams. Examples include turning you into a cockroach and squishing you, or making your bed eat you. So he doesn't really need his bladed glove to get down and dirty. But again, if they meet up for an all out brawl like they did in Freddy vs. Jason, Jason's weapon will more than likely outdo Freddy's glove in every way. Heck, even his hands are deadlier than that thing.

Winner - Jason Voorhees

Jason has more going for him all around. While Freddy is quicker and a lot smarter than Voorhees, Jason is way stronger, has more durability, and is doing a lot better in the weapons department.


Who would win, Freddy or Jason?


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