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If you’re looking for a movie with a heroic protagonist, sexy people, big flashy visual effects, and a heart wrenching love story, then stop reading right here. BUT if you want to follow three losers who plot to end their school’s bullying problem by staging their own Hunger Games, then do we have a film for you!

Now I know what you're thinking? "WTF?! OMG! FML! ABC! That sounds incredibly dark, and sick!" Well no need to fear. This movie is a satirical comedy called Found Footage. It’s a found footage film, that’s aware it’s a found footage film, but the three leads make it clear they don’t want to make a found footage film, yet they are making one… You follow? A little meta. You follow? It's essentially "Saw" meets "Blair Witch," except imagine Jigsaw is in high-school...and a total moron.

Our three teens set out to become legends, armed with their lack of planning, total incompetency, and a camera to guide them. In the antiheroes’ minds they are creating Cinema’s next horror masterpiece, complete with a score they compose as they edit the film. The same film you are watching. Still following?

Though silly and preposterous, Found Footage also examines the motives behind people who are always in "victim" mode, and shows how attractive it is to assume the world is against you. It also touches on how violence and tragedy can help people earn their "10 minutes of fame."

That being said, it’s really just three jackasses with a camera trying to stage their own Hunger Games. Become legends. And create the greatest film the world has ever seen!

Found Footage can be viewed FREE from Tuesday, December 1st through the 8th. Just Follow at the Facebook page for details on the online screenings taking place.


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