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I first heard this song from my cousin. She was depressed, and so I guess this song helped her with her issue at the time. Shortly after, I wanted to know what the song was, but I didn't know the lyrics. After at least two weeks the song was on the radio. Knowing my radio, I knew this song was going to be played over and over. I don't understand why radio stations do that, a popular song should be on the radio sporadically. That way when you here the song you still get the feeling of "Whoaaa this is my song!"

So once I knew "The Hills" was on the radio once, it would happen again. Where I live The Weeknd is pretty popular. My mother is the type to be a "cool" mom, I guess. She tries to listen to the newer music like "Trap Queen" or anything by Lil' Wayne. So I knew she was gonna like this song, "oh cheez-us, this is the new Truffle Butter."

A few weeks had passed and the song was on all the time, "The hills have eyes, the hills have eyyeees!" my mom would sing, like a dying goose. She knows that I hate that song but she continued to play it. It has died down now. Thank god! But every now and then the song comes on. I still struggle with the fact that my mother always over plays songs.

This is why I hate the song "The Hills" by The Weeknd


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