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I love Marvel, DC, and Star Wars with all of my heart!!!!!! WHOO WHOO GO NERDS!
Andy Whitaker

Since there has been a lot of changes in the MCU Phase 3 movie lineup such as, Spider-Man movie added, Ant-Man squeal, Black Panther date change, Thor 3 date change, Captain Marvel date change, and 3 new untitled movies added, I decided to make a new timeline showing all of the movies in phase three in order! I decided to share it on here because I wanted the internet to have have it and I didn't know were I should post it. Feel free to save it, share it, do what ever you want to it!!!

It took me forever to make so hopefully you enjoy it and are glad to have an updated version of the Phase 3 timeline that Marvel made when they announced the movie slate!

The Ant-Man and the Wasp logo and the Spider-Man: The New Avengers were made by me since there are no official images of their logos so if you want to download the logos her you go!

Thank you for your time everybody! Peace Out!


Which Phase 3 film are you most excited for?


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