ByMike Kostrewa, writer at

The second episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead picks up right where the first one left off. We now have a team of deadite slayers established. Ash and his two co-workers (Pablo and Kelly) are now on a mission to send all of the evil spirits back to wherever they came from. At the beginning of episode two, Kelly has plans of her own. She's much more concerned with getting back home to see if her parents are ok. Ash and Pablo decide to follow Kelly mostly because Kelly supposedly stole the Necronomicon and took it to her parents house. This episode is full of deadite battles, blood, and a ton of cheesey one-liners from the mouth of... you guessed it: Ash. If you want all of the Groovy juicy spoilers, check out my video review below! Thanks so much for your time and support


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