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I've been a fan of Justice League when I was almost 8-years-old.

Let's just say that I only have 7-favorites from the original animation show

on cartoon network.

So, here they are.

1. Superman


Now, since I was a toddler I never have a favorite superhero.

But along came superman, it makes me feel happy to see him

on TV! The way I like him is any ordinary thing that he does:

take off his glasses-&rip his shirt and becomes superman!

And of course I love one of his super-power: fly!

2. Batman.


Along with superman, batman is also one of my favorite superhero too!
Batman may not have superpowers, but he sure does have awesome gadgets!
I think he's the greatest member of the justice league of all.

Best of all, I like the way he has the secret entrance

to the batcave at Wayne manor!

3. Flash.


Well, let's just say he maybe the funniest & a goof ball in the team,

but he sure does take his responsibilities real seriously.

4. Green Lantern (John Stewart).

John Stewart the green lantern.
John Stewart the green lantern.

Now, I know that there's two different Green Lanterns in the DC comic

universe: Hal Jordan-and-John Stewart.

But the one who's in the Justice League show is John Stewart.

I don't know much about John, but I do know that he's the 2nd green lantern.

I like him too.

5. Hawkgirl.


I also don't know much about her,

but I do know that she's married to Hro Talak (Thanagarian).

It also confuse me if she neither married to Hro or Hawkman.

6. Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman.

Now, she's my new favorite superhero!

Diana from the princess of amazon, and now that I heard

she's going to be in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice"

and especially her own movie. She's like one of the best superheroes

I have seen.

And now last but not least....

7. Martian Manhunter.

Martian Manhunter.
Martian Manhunter.

J'onn J'onzz, the green martian superhero

who came to earth since Justice League started it all.

He's the coolest & of course he can transform into his original martian form

& his human form, That's one of his powers I really like.

After his home planet was destroy, his new family is now on earth.

Even though I like batman being the best member of the justice league,

but I do think that all 7 of them are the best I ever seen!

Justice League.
Justice League.

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