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The Walking Dead's fall season offered another eight episodes of ups and (mostly) downs, along with a very unhealthy dose of emotional turmoil. It was good, but all signs point to the season's second half, which premieres on February 14, being even better. Here are 5 reasons to look forward to awesome spring of your favorite gut-wrenching series.

5. Alpha Wolf's Escape

Morgan's rehabilitation plan failed miserably, and now this creepy dude is on the loose with Denise. There's no telling how this will end up, but none of my guesses are good. Although, perhaps the worst thing about this recent development is what it means for Morgan...

4. The Battle Between Morgan and Carol

Coming in to the fall, we expected major fireworks between Rick and Morgan. While we weren't necessarily disappointed, the recent grapple between Morgan and Carol has been far more intense. With the Alpha Wolf's escape, things aren't looking good for Morgan and his polar opposite, Carol.

3. Rick and the Andersons

The first half of Season 6 ended with Rick, Carl, Rick's new love Jessie and several others covering themselves in Walker guts to make a move for the armory. Graphic novel readers know that Jessie doesn't live long past this point, but I don't see the show's producers killing her off just yet. Her and Rick are finally "official" (to use middle school lingo), and Jessie's son's hatred for Rick and Carl is just too juicy to end just yet. Either way, it will be every interesting to see how this all plays out.

2. Glenn's Badassery (that's a word, right?)

Glenn established himself as a leader long ago, but his heroism, resourcefulness and overall awesomeness reached a critical high point this fall. I mean, come on, the dude cheated death! While many have him pegged for death at the hands of a certain incoming evildoer (just like in the graphic novels), that is far from a sure thing. Regardless, seeing as how he's no longer "dead," Glenn figures to play a prominent role in the spring episodes, even if he is doomed to suffer a bludgeoning from...

1. Negan Arrives

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In the prologue following tonight's midseason finale, we finally got our first televised mention of Negan. Check it out.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the villain of all villains, and he will finally come to the small screen this spring. That doesn't bode well for, well, anyone, but it will be awesome to see how the show portrays this baddie. Will he kill Glenn? Daryl? Someone else? However it goes, we'll probably end up in therapy.

What do you think of my list, tonight's finale and/or the upcoming season?


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