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Sam Plank

Well holy Carl's head...I mean, well holy cow.


Only one death in the whole dang thing? Which means, I was 1 for 5 here. It was pretty tense in some spots, but in the end, as far as TWD episodes go, "Start to Finish" was about par for the course.

You saw all the stuff that you were meant to see, but as always, they through in some stuff that we might not catch the first time around. Here are a few!

Nick, Jr.

Thank you?
Thank you?

Little Sam goes all Nicholas on us, with the dazed look, flipping out, hearing voices go all slo-mo. Thought for sure he was going to run into the crowd of walkers screaming something about cookies!

Deanna can't shoot!

Now the walker has an ear...

Now he doesn't!

Foreshadowing, anyone? Unfortunately (or fortunately, for Carl), Deanna dies before she can de-ice (get it?) Little Busta Grimes. But there's always round two with Ron.


Tiptoe Through the Tulips. I mean hell, it's a creepy song as it is, with Tiny Tim and his...voice? But after Carol and her "Look at the flowers, Lizzie" scene, I'll never think of pretty flowers the same again.

And of course....



They made it pretty clear in the prologue he was on his way, but still had to throw him in there.

Anyone else catch anything not-so-obvious in this week's episode?


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