ByTyler E. Smith, writer at

All right let's think about it negan is coming in this season but who will receive that iconic death will it be the pizza delivery boy or the bad ass outlaw, i'm only saying these two because think about it in the comics Glenn receives this gut wrenching death Which sends Maggie to the hilltops to lead her own group but if Daryl dies Who could go to the hilltop then? ....... Carol........ in the comics she's not really that important so why not go to the hilltops makes Sense as she is shown to go a bond with Daryl And when we last left off we seen our favorite apocalyptic Archer talking to a group known as the saviors who is the lead by Negan and Dwight yeah remember that dick who took Daryl's crossbow. Well he'll be back with more ammunition to kill Daryl so the way I see it. Daryl, Abraham And Sasha will get captured by the saviors and at this point Glenn is still with Enid so he can't really get captured right now so why would he be in the Lucille situation while Rick and the others are dealing with the walker breach in Alexandria our favorite apocalyptic archer might meet his demise. this could open up so many doors as he is one of the main characters and One of the original Atlanta survivors THATS MY TAKE ON IT !!!


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