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civil war, how can I start to explain civil war? it is the one event that can rip an entire universe open and divide the team of earth's mightiest heroes to two opposing sides.

what you say cap?
what you say cap?

it is a movie that needs no introduction. an epic event, were whatever happens has a great effect on the entire movie universe and the people around it.

but as we all know, avenger's infinity war has already been announce, there must be something or someone that will bring the avengers back together.


let me start with the obvious choice,


this is obvious. it is common for big threat to unite big heroes. first there was Loki, than it was Ultron, and now its Thanos. we all know how it goes. the threat comes up, they have their inside conflict and than surprisingly come back together and win. and as we know that they will have to unite for avengers: infinity war, which is about Thanos, he must be the reason to bring them together.

also, the entire MCU has been leading up to his appearance. it all started with Thor and Loki and their brotherhood disagreements about the mind gem. it continued with captain taking on red skull and his tesseract (space gem). than avengers finally getting Loki's scepter. later, finally using it's power in AOU, Thor 2 introducing the Aether (reality gem) and finally GOTG showing up with the orb (power gem)

this has all setting up to that glorious moment that Thanos holds the glove up and changed the universe.

the infinity glove
the infinity glove

another event which is much to powerful for any avenger alone is


this is another one of those great events. Ragnarok is the Nordic event where the devil comes alive and basically destroys the world, pretty much like Thanos, but with gods in play.

thanos is also a god isn't he?
thanos is also a god isn't he?

this should be an event that will effect the MCU drastically as all the 9 realms will be in danger. this might lead the avengers to join up together in order to help thor protect his loved ones on earth.

and also, in the meanwhile, since hulk was rumored to be involved (crazy conspiracy ahead) why not introduce us to this?

world war hulk
world war hulk

this is world war hulk, the mad driven hulk who goes and finally uses his powers properly as he destroys the world. wouldn't it be great to see this storyline even just teased on screen? this might as well be the best time. hulk can be one of the people destroying the realms, which will lead the avengers to try stop him

I don't think this would work this time Natt..
I don't think this would work this time Natt..

to add on the previous idea, it seems pretty fitting for the avengers to reunite over the 9 destroyed realms, and that can even be one of the only events that might really unite the broken team.

but now that we talked big creatures, lets talk big new concepts, like this one


doctor strange's movie seems to be one of the most magically promising one. with an amazing cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor and a lot more, this movie just needs the effects and it is already a masterpiece.

as this movie will introduce the concept of magic and magical realms, there will be tones and tones of new superhuman creatures roaming the streets of New York.

also, Doc has been known to be an important member in the team, and might show them the real threat in the world and how they are the only ones who can save this world from destruction.

if we are talking powerful stuff, lets talk


Ultron, vision, cap's shield, Panther's suit, and much more has been made by this African metal. as we all saw Black panther in the trailer and we know that his movie is coming, they particularly announced the continuation of the Vibranuim crisis. the king of wakanda wont have a easy time protecting this valuable metal, as almost every villain wants it.

no pressure.

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