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UPDATE: When I published this article I made the wrong assumption about these scenes taking place during World War II; as a fellow creator pointed out in the comments below, these take place during the first World War. Here is the conversation and hopefully that will shed some light on why I thought this was in the 1940's:

Creator: "I think this is set in WWI not the 1940s. Which would be the early 1900s. The pictures are cool. However, this doesnt show us anything that we did not know. Hoping for more insight as they continue shooting."

Me: "You are correct, the setting does look quite a bit like early 1900´s England but since Steve Trevor in the original comic books was a member of the US Army Air Corps during World War 2 and that´s how he and WW met, I just took a wild guess and assumed it was the second World War. I suppose if they are changing it they could make him a member of the ASSC, but that would be conflicting since the organization was fairly useless when the US entered WWI one year before it ended. So that change in the character´s backstory would be a little strange to me. What about you? Would you like it?"

Please forgive me for any confusion caused by my earlier statements in the article that have now been deleted. Now, without further delay, here is the new version:

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor respectively, have been "spotted" filming the new "Wonder Woman" film alongside actor Ewen Bremner and 150 extras on the banks of the Thames in Essex, England. The pictures come courtesy of The Daily Mail.

In this picture we see Gal Gadot and Chris Pine together, both dressed in period attires. This confirms earlier reports about the film taking place in different time periods.

It's unclear from these pictures from Wonder Woman whether the characters are entering or leaving the setting.

It's also a mystery whether the different time periods are explained by the use of flashbacks or if the film will follow a similar story structure as films covering large periods of time in a condensed narrative.

Ewen Bremner next to extras while filming.
Ewen Bremner next to extras while filming.

In this picture we have what looks like a scene that´s already commonplace in most action-adventure-science-fiction dramas: One of the protagonists looking in awe at the horizon.

The recently-released first official image for the film had Big Ben in the background and, because of that first look and these new images, perhaps we can expect to see the tower sporting two names in different time periods.

According to ScreenCrush, Chris Pine will play two characters in the film: One will be Steve Trevor during the early 20th century and the other one will be Steve Trevor´s grandson in present day, who will supposedly help take down Ares and appear in sequels.

What do you think of the "Wonder Woman" production? Where they able to capture your attention?


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