ByKahlil LaLakers Lester, writer at

Okay lets start off by me saying that i am a batman fan. He essentially represents the most realistic example of human perfection. By our standards of course. So this is very difficult for me to fathom. But let me make my case.

So with that being said , Superman is going to win the overall battle between these massive figures. Now it is to be expected being that Superman is a god. But it isnt that simple. This isnt about whose the stronger warrior . this is about the views and philosophies from these characters. Superman's view being overall a better view than batmans. Superman will show batman that the world can be a better place. That he can inspire people to be greater then they are. That ultimately will trump batmans view on how to operate.

Now that doesnt mean that batmans views should be shunned or ignored. In a sense supermans view on things according to batman are naive and unrealistic. Batmans view on things are more procedural and calculating. He uses fear to stop the criminals. He doesnt want to create a better world. He wants to protect it and because of that he has a very hard time of trusting people. This is where batman and superman clash.

Ultimately they will come to a stalemate. Deciding to put away their differences they will work together to defeat a common enemy. Knowing that they can achieve great things through teamwork, this will be the catalyst for the justice league. But in my opinion , deep down i think batman will always know that superman is right thus winning the battle between them.


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