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Willy Garza

If you could choose any superheroes to create your own league which ones would you choose and why ?

In my league it would definitely be major characters ranging from DCU to Marvel , even Image as Spawn ROCKS !

WonderWoman would be the leader she's my top favorite and will stay devoted to her task of getting what needs to get done !

Robin would also be a cool addition , he would be dating a new feline character I create in my world she would be CatWomans best friend Diandra !

Donna Troy & Gambit would be dating but be formidable team players .

Rogue would be trying to get with Superboy

I can't forget Flash , he's too cool

Harley Quinn would be a wild card but great asset when things get too crazy for superheroes to handle .

Bucky would be a great addition he can use his special skills in combat and laying down the law !

The team would be called

" League Of Justice "

They of course got reserved members ..

Hmm I think I may add this into my future FanFics lol

More details soon ..


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