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I've watched every Star Wars and marvel movie. I've read almost every comic book of both star wars and Marvel. I love star wars and marvel!

Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes in the marvel universe . Rather if he's fighting World War II and serving our great country or if he's fighting alongside The Avengers and leading them into battle, Captain America is your go to guy to save the planet and the human race and fight for freedom.

Captain America Civil War picks up almost immediately after the events of age of Ultron. While our beloved star spangled man with the plan continues to struggle to adjust to this new world that he finds himself in, there is other problems as well. before I go any further I have to bring you back to the events in the comics.

And the civil war comics Captain America in Iron Man go toe to toe with each other on the government issuing a registration for all superheroes requiring them to reveal themselves to the general public and submit to the government because our government thanks that the superhero problem is getting too much out of control.

So Iron Man and his team of Avengers side with the government being for government registration where is Captain America goes against registration saying that heroes should not have to submit to any authority or report into the government where is the most B willing to have the freedom to do what they want where is in the best interest of the people.

But the movie is going to be different than the comic whereas the comics all about identity the movie is going to be about who reports to who and it's going to be centered also around Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier.

So the events take place almost immediately after the events of age of Ultron and our government is questioning rather if the Avenger should be controlled and looked over. If you have not watched the new Captain America Civil War trailer please feel free to go do so.

In the trailer pretty much to make a long story short, Captain America is seen as both a hero and a vigilante by the public in the world, and Captain America believes that freedom is right to all sentient beings and that him and the heroes should have the right to come and go as they please but with the good and best interest of the people.

So Captain America Civil War is going to have not just about registration but it's going to be called the Honda Accords meaning that the fight is going to take place here in Washington DC in the United States and in the country of wakonda.

Bucky Barnes who has been brainwashed by Hydra now is no longer a part of that life anymore is being hunted down by the government or general Thunderbolt Ross's Thunderbolts and Iron Man and they are going to take him dead or alive and Captain America wants to stop that because that is his friend.

So what it's all going to boil down to is that the fight is going to be about these two issues the camp wakonda Accords and/or aka registration and Bucky Barnes being accepted you know accepted that he's not a traitor and that he was brainwashed by hydro or is he still working with them.

Either way in my opinion it's going to be a damn good movie the way Captain America used to be in the comics and so far all the movies that Marvel and the MCU and it all of their in Marvel Studios has put together that's far.

In short apparently I would say ticket and go see this movie phase 3 and Marvel is the meat and potatoes and which we get down to the nitty gritty of what's going on and then we move into phase 4.


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