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The time has come for Game of Thrones vs. The Walking Dead! Both GoT and TWD are dark and brutal, but let's run through the most iconic deaths and conclude which is officially the darkest, the goriest and the most violent!

Game of Thrones vs. The Walking Dead!

1. GoT: Ned Stark

Let's get us off to a flying start... who wasn't hit hard in the feels by Ned Stark's death? Game of Thrones has developed a pretty solid reputation for killing-off fan favorites, but come on guys -- Ned Stark, really? Sorry, I'm still a little hung up on it.

Yeah, Ned Stark's death: although not the goriest, this death marked the end of the lighthearted tone of the show. Damn you George R. R. Martin! I'm sorry Sean Bean, you will be missed.

2. TWD: Hershel Greene

Unfortunate, but predictable: Hershel's death was a dark point in the show. Where Game of Thrones likes to slaughter characters seemingly at random, The Walking Dead enjoys butchering any character with a touch of morality; those who survive will either go dark or die eventually.


Which death scene you think is best?

3. GoT: Joffrey

The death of Joffrey was met by delighted uproars from legions of fans. It isn't surprising really, Joffrey is the standard by which all truly despicable people should be judged. Where are you from 1-10 on the Joffrey scale?

4. TWD: The Governor

It was almost Rick, but in the final fight between the Governor and TWD protagonist Rick managed to come out on top... with just a little help from Michonne.

The Governor is a particularly dark character, yet even he had loyal fans who were disappointed by his death!


Which death scene you think is best?

5. GoT: The Red Wedding

One of the most harrowing scenes from Game of Thrones was when several popular and well loved characters were slaughtered at the "Red Wedding," including the two most senior surviving members of the Stark clan.

As is typical of Game of Throne,s the Starks drop like flies. For those of us who haven't read the books this was a hell of a shock!

6. TWD: Shane

Shane's death was inevitable really; some people don't belong in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, and in the case of Shane he was driven mad by the new world.

By the end it was kill or be killed... Rick killed Shane and started on his own path, spiraling towards insanity.


Which death scene do you think is best?


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