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Netflix has been awash with excitement since the release of Marvel's greatly anticipated superhero series Jessica Jones, a role that has elevated actress Krysten Ritter to stratospheric stardom. Remind yourself what the show is all about with the trailer below:

Yet, despite the fact that Krysten's name is on everyone's lips right now, how much do you actually know about the dark-haired beauty? Here are 9 facts to help you brush up on everything Ritter:

1. She was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania

When she was a little girl, she wasn't allowed to ride horses so instead rode a cow named 'Jake,' which she raised all by herself after getting it at an Amish cow auction.

2. Krysten started off her career as a model

At the age of 16, she worked consistently on numerous cat walks and magazine shoots all over the world. In 2001, she began acting and never looked back.

3. She's best known for her role as Jane Margolis in 'Breaking Bad'

Here's a clip with her in the series alongside actor Aaron Paul:

4. She's mega tall

5'9" in fact.

5. Krysten writes TV scripts

She's actually sold a TV pilot based on her modeling experiences.

6. She's an animal rights activist

Krysten even did an ad for PETA about the dangers of leaving pups in hot vehicles. She's clearly all for saving animals as well as innocent human lives!

7. She sings in a band called Ex Vivian

As well as providing the vocals, she also plays the guitar. Described by WT Records, the album is “somewhere between the atmosphere of Mazzy Starr and the American twang of Stevie Nicks.”

8. Krysten's favorite film is 'Clueless'

Apparently when she was younger, she was obsessed. In fact, she said:

“I’ve watched Clueless as many times as humanly possible. Like, I would run home from school to watch it. Like, I can quote it backwards. So when I got to do Vamps with Alicia Silverstone, it was the coolest thing to do a movie with her and become friends with her. “I always wanted one of those closets like her character had, where you can figure out your outfits? The skirts with thigh highs? And now I have her in my phone. How cool is that?”

Here's the trailer for the '90s classic:

9. She's adopted a stray dog

When her friend found a pup that had been hit by a car on the roadside, she adopted him and called him Mikey Mohawk. Adorable!



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