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Ben Turner

Celebrities just don't get a break. Prime example: heavily pregnant with her second child, Kim Kardashian is having her weight ridiculed on social media.

After Kim tweeted during Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she went to Paris for her favorite sugary beignets, one person on Twitter said the following:

Beignets: worth flying from LA to Paris for
Beignets: worth flying from LA to Paris for

Kim K applied everything Taylor Swift has been teaching the masses, as she was quick to shake it off. The reality star followed up with this tactful tweet:

Kim keeping it kalm and kool, of kourse.

Of course, Kim was backed up by her social media army of 37.2 million followers -- almost the same as the population of Canada.

In the latest installment of KUWTK, Kris warns her daughter of her latest obsession with eating sugary things. She even goes as far as labelling daughter Kim as a "closet eater".

Come on Kris, give your heavily pregnant daughter a break. She already gets enough abuse from the Twitter lurkers.


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