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Lindsay Lohan was clearly touched by the plight of the homeless this Christmas, but the former child star has been famous for so long that she appears to be lacking that common touch.

In an Instagram post that has drawn mockery from all corners of the Internet, Lohan appealed for people to donate blankets to the homeless... and left an image of a $1000+ Hermes blanket as an example.

While most of us wouldn't dream of buying a luxury item like this for ourselves, let alone donating one, Lohan's heart was clearly in the right place in the sentiment of her caption which read:

@hermes let's start sending some to those in need st. Christopher would consider it a peace offering in the holiday of any ONE person and their Holy Spirit. doesn't matter if it's Hermés, it's giving to those that need peace of mind in life that can change one person at a time.

Oh well, at least she realizes that it "doesn't matter if it's Hermés! That's something, right?

(Source: Mirror)


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