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Liv Tyler's son has a pretty sweet head start on this whole life thing. Not only is he called Sailor, which means you can legitimately great him by saying 'howdy' rather than hi, but his mother is an elf, his father is a major football agent, his grandfather sang 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' and his Godfather is David Beckham. What a variety!

And not only that, Liv Tyler appeared on this weekend's episode of The Jonathan Ross Show and announced that all of the aforementioned clan are pretty darn great at the whole raising a child thing.

Talking about David Beckham, the best bud of her partner, Dave Gardner, Liv coo'd that he's an all round good egg;

"He is very sweet, he gives very good presents. And he's a real gentleman, he's a very elegant person so very sweet ... He loves being a father."

And her father, Steven Tyler, although famed for being the frontman of mega group Aerosmith, is not afraid to shed his cool when it comes to playing with his Grandson.

"We are very close with all of them - he's very sweet, it's just so fun for him, for all the grandparents to get to play. He's amazing at making weird noises with his mouth, animal noises, a lot of animal noises!"
"He's very playful and funny and lovely, he's kind of like a magical wizard he has things in his hair and all sorts of jewelry and he's just very fun, not your typical grandfather."

Steve Tyler making animal noises? That's an image I never thought I'd have... though I'm grateful I do.

Source: Mirror


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