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Almost as soon as Benedict Cumberbatch burst into the mainstream, his uniquely sculpted features were swiftly compared to that of the playful otter, and now the actor has proven the Internet right by posing for some adorable new images on The Graham Norton Show.

While the general public might be almost unanimously enamored by the cute n' cuddly comparisons, Johnny Depp seemed more bemused than amused by the segment and possibly outed himself as a closeted lutraphobic. I'll let the reaction GIFs do the talking below...

Classic Otter

When Norton rolled one of the original otter pics out to a chorus of serious audience lols, Johnny Depp couldn't help but get involved in a serious double take...

Expressive Otter

The utterly convincing expressive actor wasn't enough to sway Depp and his permanently furrowed brow.

Pensive Otter

But one thing the veteran actor was sure about was that the people who took the time to match the screenshots to the aquatic mammals had "too much time on their hands."

Angry Otter

But, because he is only human after all, Depp couldn't help but be won over by Cumberbatch's adorable performances as he took on some challenging live mustelidae matching!

Slightly Aggressive Otter

And Depp seemed totally enamored with the expressive mastery needed to pull off the 'Slightly Aggressive Otter' with such gusto.

Ecstatic Otter

Of course, seeing the ecstatic otter in action spurred Depp to make like a teddy bear and go in for the hug.

Triple Otter Sandwich

Heartwarmingly, the Hollywood megastar wasn't above getting involved in a delicious otter sandwich after his initial misgivings about the whole thing.

Check out the whole video for yourself below:


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