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It's almost 24 years to the day since Hook, debatably the best pirate move ever (sorry Johnny Depp) was released in theaters across America. We fell in love with Peter, played by the much loved and never forgotten, Robin Williams, as he returned to Neverland to rekindle his dreams and battle his enemies.

Namely his enemy, Captain Hook, the terrifying child snatcher with a hook for a hand, had an innate phobia of crocodiles and was always accompanied by his bumbling sidekick, Smee. Together these two had the power to stomp on your childhood and reduce you to panic-stricken tears at the mere thought of being stuck in a wooden chest with a scorpion.

However, our childlike terror caused us to overlook a crucial character trait that elevates their evil from sinister, to hilarious.

In an interview with Playboy back in 2004, Dustin Hoffman (Captain Hook) recalled his aha! moment with Bob Hoskins (Smee). This was the moment they finally got to grips with their characters and decided to play Hook and Smee as "a couple of old queens," because they felt JM Barrie, Pan's creator, had created them as homosexual.

"Bob Hoskins and I were rehearsing and suddenly we looked at each other and realised it at the same time. We said, 'These guys are gay....' and it was fun.
Suddenly we rehearsed it that way: 'Get over here, Smee. Give me a foot massage.
We went to Spielberg... and he said, 'This is a kids' movie.
Suddenly it made all the sense in the world. They were really good friends. They lived on a ship. They were devoted to each other."


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