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Rick and Morty, one of the most loved and widely discussed animated shows currently airing on Adult Swim, has found itself occupying a certain niche on the internet, settling in amongst fan communities where it's gone from strength to strength in popular discourse.

From YouTube to Reddit the Back to the Future parody show about a nihilistic, alcoholic, space adventuring scientist and his mentally deficient but kind hearted grandson has garnered massive popularity with viewers, and its constant meta and parody references have opened up a wide scope for fans to engage with the source material.

As a result there's been some absolutely brilliant fan mash ups and parodies created, and whilst we anxiously await any news regarding Rick and Morty Season 3, here's a few of our favourite fan creations from across the internet.

Video Game Mash Ups

Reddit user philtomato has created a couple of brilliant images answering the age old question: what would Rick and Morty look like if they were starring in the Metal Gear Solid series and Fallout 4?

Rick and Morty/Metal Gear Solid

via philtomato on Reddit
via philtomato on Reddit

Forget Diamond Dogs, here's the Wubalubadub Dogs! Featuring Rick as Revolver Ocelot, Morty as Venom Snake, Summer as Quiet and Snuffles - sorry, Snowball - as attack dog DD we can only imagine how the games would differ with this character placement.

Fallout 4

via philtomato on Reddit
via philtomato on Reddit

Poor Mr. Meeseeks, he just can't catch a break can he? In philtomato's reimagining of Rick and Morty as vault dwellers we have Mr. Meeseeks in the clutches of an angry looking Deathclaw as the titular characters flee in fear (smart move). The Mr. Handy weilding a plumbus is a nice touch too.

Rick Sings Eminem's 'Rap God'

Ever wondered what would happen if Eminem was replaced by Rick Sanchez?

Well wonder no more because we finally have an answer courtesy of AnimalRobot on YouTube, and the end result is all kinds of brilliant.

"Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" - Rick and Morty Season 1 Remix

This one is a pretty impressive remix of the Rick and Morty Season 1 dialogue, and it comes from SuperDuck Videos on YouTube.

To quote Jerry: "Hmm, Human Music... I like it."

Back To The Rickture

So whilst Rick and Morty is a Back to the Future parody it does stray pretty far from the source material, and we know now that creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have no intention of including the time travel elements that made Back to the Future famous.

But worry not dear reader, because YouTuber Yalda M has provided us with a brilliant mash up of the two franchises to fill that void.

Bonus Round: The Screaming Sun

Remember the Screaming Sun from the Rick and Morty Season 2 finale, The Wedding Squanchers? Well it's been popping up across the internet as it invades other shows with it's horrendous screaming, and the results are hilarious to say the least.

Here's our favourite of the bunch by YouTuber NoodleLu, in which the Screaming Sun shows up during the iconic opening credits of The Lion King, but you can view more over at A.V. Club who have put together a pretty definitive list of the best.

All 21 episodes of Rick and Morty are now available to stream online via Adult Swim, wubba-lubba-dub-dub!


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