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WARNING: Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV series and comic are ahead.

After waiting for years for the big bad of The Walking Dead comic series, Negan, to make an appearance, we finally got a hint that he'll be appearing on the series very soon during The Walking Dead prologue that screened last night following the mid-season finale.

While the mid-season finale, 'Start to Finish,' was pretty tame in terms of action and gore, all of that was made up for in a short scene involving Sasha, Daryl, Abe and some mean looking dudes on motorcycles who can only be one group of people: Negan's Saviors.

If you missed the scene then you can check it out again here, and then check out the breakdown of the whole thing below:

The scene pretty much picked up exactly where episode 6, 'Always Accountable,' left off two weeks ago, with the three members of the gang in Patty the fuel truck, heading back to Alexandria where it's obvious from Eugene's cry for 'help' that some serious shit is going down.

However, before the trio can get anywhere close to Alexandria they come across a barricade of bikes spread across the road. I think Abraham said it best when he said, "what in the ho-ly shit."

As the truck pulled close to the barricade we got our first glimpse of the Saviors. All in all, there seemed to be a group of about nine men, all fully armed, making it pretty dangerous for Daryl, in a fuel truck, to try and make a break for it.

The leader of the group then demands the three join them on the road, and makes some pretty mean threats, telling them that the group would "end their asses" and split them right in two "straight through to the sinuses." Ouch.

As the three reluctantly get out of the truck, apparently unarmed (yes, sadly it looks as though Abraham left his RPG in the cab), the group leader remarks, "that's great, going well right out of the gate," and demands they hand over their weapons.

When Daryl and Abe question the leader, he claims that none of the stuff they have on them or with them belongs to them any more -- including a very detailed list of minute items.

He then finished his spiel with the words comic readers have been yearning to hear: "your property now belongs to Negan."

Ho-ly shit. It's going to be one hell of a second half of Season 6.


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