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WARNING: Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' ahead! Proceed with caution.

After eight straight weeks of The Walking Dead goodness, it's hard to believe that the mid-season finale has now been and gone. Yep, that's right, we're now at that dreaded stage of the year when we have to somehow drag ourselves all the way to Valentine's Day before we get a new episode.

But to help us through the long wait, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, and showrunner Scott Gimple, have given us some hints about what we can expect from the mid-season premiere, and to prepare us for what sounds like the bloodiest of Valentines.

Rick leads the gang into the herd
Rick leads the gang into the herd

First of all, showrunner Scott Gimple sent this message to fans to be read out by host Chris Hardwick on The Talking Dead:

The good people at Talking Dead asked us for a sneak peek and we realized that anything peekable was far too sneaky and, thus, we present to you the most cinematic of sneak peeks: a census shattering note! So, here it is. We will be wooing you with the weirdest of Valentine's Day gifts: chaos, terror, heartbreak, heroics, tragedy, and terror. Yes, that's two terrors. Friends, in all seriousness, episode nine is one of the biggest episodes we've done. Greg [Nicotero] and the astounding crew made magic. We cannot wait to show you February 14. Make sure your television boxes are in good operating condition and install safety belts on your couches. This one is gargantuan. Some people give candy, flowers, and/or hilariously themed teddy bears but this Valentine's Day we're giving you The Walking Dead midseason premiere.

All right let's just zoom in on those words again: "Chaos, terror, heartbreak, heroics, tragedy, and terror." So much terror! In fact, I can't help but think that perhaps one of those terrors will have to do with the people inside Alexandria, and one of those terrors might have to do with the people outside Alexandria, namely Sasha, Daryl and Abe. What do you think?

Following Scott Gimple's message, The Walking Dead comic creator, Robert Kirkman, then added his own statement about the mid-season premiere, simply saying:

"So many people die."

Damn! Four little words, but such a big promise. Of course, if we had to talk potential deaths, my thoughts immediately go straight to Rick's group. As the mid-season finale ended, little Sam looked to be putting the gang in a world of danger when he couldn't help himself, repeatedly saying "mom" as he's being led through the walker herd covered in guts. Probably not the wisest decision to make, right? And then on that same token, Abe, Sasha and Daryl just ended up in a world of shit when they ran into the Saviors spread out across the road. What do you think: will the deaths be contained to Alexandria, the road, or perhaps spread across both?

'The Walking Dead' mid-season premiere will screen on AMC on February 14th.



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