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It's been over eight years since the last installment of the Harry Potter series hit the shelves, but just because we've read the epilogue doesn't mean our journey is through. Outside the walls of Hogwarts, J.K. Rowling is still teaching us valuable lessons through her Twitter account.

Although Rowling is known for discussing politics and sporting events on her page, no topic is given more attention than the magical world of Harry Potter. Whether it's specific details of a spell, insight into a character, or picking a favorite fan theory, J.K. Rowling is quick to chime in and give her position on a topic. In this case, it was Severus Snape who stirred up some controversy on the author's Twitter feed.

It all started with a harmless enough Tweet from one fan named Jasmine (FrazzyJazzy7) asking why Harry chose to name his child after Snape, a fair-enough question that's been asked many times before.

J.K. Rowling responded in an effort to answer these questions once and for all.

Knowing her avid fan base well, J.K. understood that even her words of wisdom wouldn't stop her imaginative readers from discussing the topic further.

Because this whole feud went on for hours, we're just going to go over some of the most important things that were revealed about Snape and Harry.

Harry chose to name his child after Severus because of post-war guilt

Snape can't be simply labeled as "good" or "evil"

Snape wasn't nice, but he wanted to be

Snape sacrificed himself to atone for his wrongdoings

In his death, Snape helped keep Lily's goodness alive

Harry could have named his children after others who died in the war, but he chose not to because Snape had no one to carry on his name

Phew! This whole thing was a lot to take in, and that's not even including the comments. After hours of discussion, J.K. Rowling finally signed off and let the dust settle.

At the end of the day, it's totally okay to love or hate Snape, but it's also important to understand that he can't simply be reduced to "good" or "bad." In true J.K. Rowling style, this little lesson should also be carried with us through life.

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