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A few months ago there were rumors afoot regarding Daniel Radcliffe and whether or not he'd just admitted to fiddling with his wand on the set of Harry Potter. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a scandal in the muggle world. Nobody really wanted their favorite childhood films ruined with the image of Harry Potter fapping one out during Divination. We were all like:

For those of you who missed it, here's what happened. The 26-year-old had just given an interview with the now-nudeless Playboy Magazine and talked pretty candidly about his battle with alcoholism and puberty's savage claws. Answering questions regarding the first time he explored his restricted section, it was revealed that Radcliffe had opened his Chamber of Secrets around the tender age of 11, which coincidentally is exactly when he first started filming Harry Potter.

"I was like every other teenager in that sense. My favorite line about masturbation is Louis C.K.’s, something like “I found out about it when I was 11, and I didn’t skip a day.”

Our ears pricked. Every day? How did he handle that impulse alongside such a heavy filming schedule? Did he do it on set? Surely he must have! Even with Snape looking? Did he find quiet time using the Marauder's Map? ARGH. Brains could not handle.

"I wasn’t going, when is Alan Rickman going to nail this scene so I can run back to my trailer? There’s another feeling, again perfectly described by Louis C.K.: that fear just after you’ve jerked off that everyone knows what you did. It would have been embarrassing to walk back on set and look the dignitaries of British acting royalty in the eye, knowing what I’d been doing."

And, because Harry Potter and jerking off isn't something you hear in the same sentence on a daily basis, people got over excited and these quotes were kind of taken out of context. Now Radcliffe wants to make sure we really do know that he wasn't spending his set time charming Patronuses in more ways than one.

In a recent interview with NME, he was pulled up on this whole leaky cauldron business, and after initial confusion, Radcliffe rereads the initial interview with Playboy and rolls his eyes at the interpretation.

“Oh God. It’s frustrating when you tell a story and say, ‘Yes, I wanked a lot when I was a teenager,’ but clearly I didn’t mean on set.”

Then reiterates:

“Can you make this clear for me: I was not wanking during the filming of Potter – I managed to restrain myself until I got home.”

Such a relief, especially as we can now watch scenes like this again without sticking sordid meaning behind them... or was that just me?


Source: NME, MP


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