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Now, legendary DC story-lines like Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come may have given us comic book fans a glimpse of just what our favorite heroes would be like were they to actually grow old on the page, but they very much did so from outside the existing DC canon. Within mainstream DC comic-books, the likes of the Justice League have never actually been allowed to grow old – and with the (relatively) recent arrival of the New 52, were in fact largely rebooted to be even younger than usual.

That general lack of older heroes, then, makes it all the more exciting that one of the Internet's diverse cohort of awesome artists, Eddie Liu, has come up with a glorious way to celebrate the natural aging process of some of DC's most iconic heroes. Get ready, then, to meet the Senior Justice League, including...

Senior Batman

Rocking an awesomely Green Arrow-style beard. Oliver would be proud...

Senior Superman

Who, it seems, grew up to be Bill Murray. Which is awesome.

Senior Wonder Woman

Who may have defeated all the crime that came her way, but clearly couldn't tackle that nicotine addiction.

And, finally:

Senior Flash

The only thing he couldn't outrun? Time.

Nicely played, Eddie. Nicely played...

What do you think, though?

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