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Netflix will soon be releasing a series created from an Indian crime movie ahead of its launch in the region.

Netflix is not holding back regardless the fact that it is easily dominating the TV industry of the world. According to a recent survey, the streaming giant was preferred by more than 51% of the United States’ viewers for streaming purposes over any other video streaming platform. Currently, it has expanded its global footprints in more than 70 countries but its objective to spread its services throughout the world will keep seeing vigorous expansion plans in the coming times.

Sources suggest that the company is all set to expand in India in the near future. Therefore, in order to make an impact prior to its expansion, Netflix will stream a series created from an Indian Bollywood movie named ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. The streaming service provider has planned to create a series from the cult crime Bollywood movie and globally launch the new edited version of the ‘eight part TV show’ at the end of this year. This move is very timely as the largest internet TV organization is set to expand its global footprints and offer streaming services in more than 200 countries by the end of next year.

The media-streaming giant will be working on an Indian content for the first time in order to give something to the Indian viewers prior to its expansion plan in the region. It came late, but finally the country is marked in the expansion plan after so many demands from the Indian consumers.

The popular cult crime Bollywood movie series will release in December and would offer subtitles in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic. Furthermore, the subscribers will be allowed to stream the series from the first week of December.

According to a source, “Gangs of Wasseypur is a crime movie that was shot in two parts, before its commercial release in India. It deals with the power struggle between opposing families of the coal mafia in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. The film’s producer, Anurag Kashyap, indicated in an interview that digital distribution can play a role in growing a movie’s audience, after its theatrical launch.”

Netflix is currently focused to achieve its few goals and objectives that were fixed since the expansion. It will be working hard to be able to successfully cut the cords of viewers and fully eliminate the existence of cable TV in the world. Furthermore, it wants to offer services in all parts of the world so that viewers will not have to access the platform via VPN.


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