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This month is all about TV Shows, mostly ones that's I have watched recently and was able to finish the entire show. When I am able to watch a show a the way through to the end that means that's there was something in the show that kept my interest through out the show. That isn't the case for all shows unfortunately, but here all these are competent shows that I feel that's are worth recommending to others. Plus there is quite a bit on this list from Shinichiro Watanabe, who is the same person who made Cowboy Bebop. Let me know your thought of the list down below!

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

This was a show that I only checked out because it was on Netflix, I am glad I did because it was quite an entertaining show to watch. The stars off by following Ledo, who is a 16 year old in an Galactic Alliance, during battle his Machine Caliber is knocked out of battle and into an wormhole. When he wakes up he discovers that he is on an unknown planet to him and tries to figure out where he is. He turns out to be on the moving island city of Gargantia and meets Amy who is a girl living there and tries to assimilate him into the society. This leads to him getting accustomed to this new way of life while he still tries to figure out how he can get back into space so he can rejoin the battle he was supposed to have finished.

Its a good show with a simple message and character that you can care about enough to see how they make it through to the end of the show.

Terror in Resonance

This is a Anime that's has a different feel than most shows by having a more psychological thriller feel to it. The show is short, which can work in many cases but here not so much. Not that the show is bad, it just moves at such faster pace than most cases. Link to my analysis video here.

The show takes place in an alternate iteration of our present day where Tokyo is hit by multiple terrorist attacks. The culprits of these attacks turn out to be two teenagers who go by the name of Nine and Twelve. But a girl named, Lisa is caught in between one of their attacks and decides to join them in order to save her own life. This leads to an investigation trying to find them as well as the main characters trying to stop attacks from a competing terrorist.


The show follows a girl named Hiyori who is hit by a bus while trying to save a by names Yato. But this incident causes her to transform into a half-phantom, meaning she can go into either world at once.

She makes a deal to help Yato in exchange of him helping her return to the normal state she used to be in. But at the same time other Gods are after Yato for the crimes he had committed in the past forcing him to try to make a good name of himself and protect his new friends along the way.

Its a very entertaining show that gets more fun as it goes along. With the show being back for Season 2 now will be a good time to check it out and catch up.

Kids on the Slope

After moving Kaoru Nishimi moves into a new high school, he is a person to keep to himself and isn't very good at making friends. Until he runs into Sentaro who is the bully/bad boy of the school, they are at odds with one another at first but begin to develop a friendship through both having the interest in Jazz music.

The characters are what make the show so interesting, especially the dynamic between Kaoru and Sentaro. There are plenty of character that come and go throughout the show and even a love triangle between Kaoru, Ritsuko, and Sentaro that is handle very maturely than I would have expected.

Its a very Slice of Life taking place in the 60s so things are very simple with no technology or anything like that, so all the interaction are made between characters in person. Making the tension all greater when they are not together. Recommended this show for anyone who likes music, especially Jazz and a good tale about three friends going through the high school life together.

Samurai Champloo

If you like Hip-Hop and cool Samurai action, than this is the show for you. This is the last of Watanabe shows that I had a chance to watch and it was definitely the most entertaining and wackiest of them all.

The show follows three characters named, Mugen, Jin and Fuu. They brought together after Mugen and Jin are arrested for trying to fight each other and become wanted criminals. Fuu offers to help them if they escort her to find a man who smells of sunflowers. This leads to a journey that three go to across the land to find this man and run into crazy situations along the way.

I really enjoyed this show, again Watanabe knows how to make great characters. Really making them likable and fun to be around. It also has a great mix of Hip-Hop style of music which is intertwine with the editing of the show, its something you just have to see to know what I am talking about.

What shows on this list have you seen? or Which ones interest you the most that you would check out?



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