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Grab your coats and space heaters because another classic Batman villain is set to join the cast of Gotham tonight! With the temperatures dropping, it's only fitting that the new addition is Wayne Enterprises cryogenics engineer, Victor Fries, a.k.a. Mr. Freeze.

Before making his first appearance in tonight's mid-season finale, USA Today revealed a quick glimpse at Nathan Darrow's interpretation of the character.

While it's not quite the iced-out version Arnold Schwarzenegger played in Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, this darker and more realistic portrayal will certainly fit in with other Gotham citizens.

In his interview with USA Today, Darrow elaborated on his Gotham character. Like in the source material, much of Fries' motivation stems from having to save his ill wife Nora.

Victor has one central intimate human connection, and that’s with his wife. There’s something really, really interesting and vulnerable and difficult about that. Of course, that is threatened by her illness. In some of the research I did on the character as he has evolved in the comic book, he has a more tenuous connection with humanity and his own humanity, and she’s it. He is applying all his talents and skills and energies to maintaining that.

Although there is still a lot being kept on ice about Mr. Freeze's storyline, Darrow promises audiences are in for something totally new.

I will tell you we’re going to see Mr. Freeze do some things we have never seen him do.

The mid-season finale of Gotham will air tonight on Fox at 8pm.

(Source: USA Today)


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