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At the rate we're getting details about Ridley Scott's upcoming follow-up to Prometheus, I'm starting to think we'll know the entire story before it hits theaters in October 2017.

Between the title change from Alien: Paradise Lost, plot specifics concerning alien origins, and the fact this film will kick off a trilogy that ties back to the original Alien classic, it's hard to believe we have almost a full two years before we'll finally see these pieces come together.

Continuing this trend of candor, Scott offered up even more particulars at a press conference in Australia and, most importantly, hinted at which members of the Prometheus cast will make appearances in future movies.

Noomi Rapace will return in a "minor role"

Rapace's character Dr. Elizabeth Shaw was last seen taking off in a ship to discover the Engineer's home planet. Anyone that's seen Prometheus knows that Dr. Shaw has been through an awful lot, including an emergency alien cesarean/abortion, but she was the only human to endure against the brutal alien lifeforms.

With her confirmed to be in a minor role, I'm really hoping that she doesn't just die right away after dealing with all that intergalactic misery, but I'm not sure why else they would just toss her character aside.

Joining Noomi will be Michael Fassbender in two roles

As the infuriatingly curious android David, Michael Fassbender also made it off Prometheus' deadly planet (or, his head did at least). Recently, Ridley Scott has confirmed that David will play a pivotal role in the Alien: Covenant story. The film will follow a new crew on a colony ship called Covenant, who believe they discover a remote planetary paradise—until they find David.

According to Screen Daily's report, he is described as a "lone survivor of the ill-fated Prometheus expedition," which doesn't bode well for Dr. Shaw. Additionally, Fassbender will be playing two roles in the film, but it's unclear if the other role will be another android, an original, or some other form of doppelgänger.

One thing's for sure, though: we'll definitely be getting more updates from Scott before we even see the first trailer, so stay tuned!

(Source: Screen Daily)


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