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Nope. Having dealt with mixed reviews, Spectre failed to surpass the expectations set by its predecessor - Skyfall. The director, Sam Mendes, is taking a different approach as compared to the past Bond movie directors, Mendes is trying to make his version of James Bond as close to the dangerous, playboy as described in Ian Fleming's originals. The high-tech gadgets that were displayed in previous Bond films were non-existent in both Skyfall and Spectre (which was honestly the most disappointing part of both movies for me).

One of the biggest highlights of Spectre was the Aston Martin DB10, taking similar looks and style from the One - 77, the DB10 chase scene was good but still not as rugged as the one from Quantum of Solace. More than the cars, Bond was mostly airborne throughout the film, like the opening act, Bond was literally flying in circles in the helicopter and 50 minutes into the movie, he's chasing down Range Rovers in a plane. But Beauty comes at its own cost, with a total budget of $300 million (the second most expensive film in the world :o), the producers were talking business but more impracticality, for an instance; the combined cost of the 7 DB10s made for the movie, comprised up for 10% of the films budget; the total cost for the 7 Astons was $30 million, sure it claims to go 0-62 in 3.2 seconds, but i would rather stick to the DBS used in Q.O.S.

Now lets look at the um ... story. Spectre was a very fast paced movie unlike Skyfall, the film starts in Mexico where Bond is fighting on a helicopter (which was surprisingly staying in air despite the horrible control), next he is in UK, he goes rogue, steals an Aston (can't believe they wouldn't give him one despite all he's done for MI6), 00 program is being shut down again, out of nowhere a guy named C tries to speed up the predicament, Bond goes to Rome, attends a funeral of the man he killed, has an affair with the widow (weiiiiird............) , he attends a meeting with a bunch of people somewhere in Rome, creepy Obenhauser senses Bond in the building, the Aston Chase scene, Bond is in Austria, poses for the video camera so that it would make it easier for psycho Obenhauser, Bond saves a member of Spectre's daughter in , Bond is now her body guard, Bond is a rubbish hotel called L'American in Morroco, Bond punches a wall, finds artifacts, Bond is in Tunisia, Psycho Obenhauser drills Bond's head, Bond is somehow okay and escapes, Bond is back in U.K, Bond confronts Obenhauser in the old head-quarters, M kills C, Bond chases Obenhauser on water ways, James's pistol somehow penetrates the Helicopter even though he's like 80 feet away, Obenhauser is arrested.

This is Spectre in brief, sure i've missed some details but this is just to show you how vague and how there were so many events in Spectre and all this cluttered into 2 hours and 30 minutes, now obviously there is a reason why the writers would consider a plot like this since we're taking into consideration of the conclusion for Daniel Craig's titular role, and this was conveyed so with the happily ever after ending scene, something which wasn't there in the previous Bond-Craig films. This maybe is a hint that Daniel Craig has taken his final bow. Also ending with that bomb-shell, the future of the OO program still remains ambiguous, perhaps suggesting that with a new Bond, there might need to be a new Q and new M, but i am sure most of us were satisfied with the roles of these two in Spectre, this time giving more screen-time and more action for both. Money-penny on the other hand barely had any screen time as compared to Skyfall.

Is Daniel Craig irreplaceable? Was he the perfect Bond?

Well in some sense, Daniel Craig was undoubtedly the best bond (he's my favorite) yet, but many other preferred the legendary Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Many actors were considered for the new Bond, one who has caught much attention was Idris Elba, however these were just rumors and who knows maybe i was wrong, maybe Daniel will reprise the role of Bond again.

Sam Mendes added a very classical role for the Bond portrayed in Spectre, but what would've happened if Chris Nolan directed this movie (he was originally scripted to direct Spectre), Nolan would be perfect for James Bond films as he is a man with taste and has a formula/an algorithm which he uses and has consistently brought him success. Spectre would however become more of a psychological than a shady movie.

But overall Spectre was a good movie but would've been better if it were stretched to two parts, that way its a win-win for the audience and the crew, however that will only break the Bond formula for its movies.


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