ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Fans of Dark Knight III: The Master Race have put their pens to paper - or rather, ePen to tablet - and created some incredible fan art for the possibility of being on a new cover of the comic book series. A massive shoutout to artists Paul Pope, Dale Keown, John Romita Jr., Lee Bermejo, Brian Stelfreeze, Tony Harris, and Dave Johnson.

[Source: Paul Pope]

[Source: Dale Keown]

[Source: John Romita Jr.]

[Source: Lee Bermejo]

[Source: Brian Stelfreeze]

[Source: Tony Harris]

[Source: Dave Johnson]

These talented artists are absolutely incredible. I can barely draw a stick figure myself, so I am more than blown away by the vision, creativity, and technical skills of these superb artists.

[Source: Geek Tyrant, Live For Films]


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