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I am a massive fan of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl

A petition has been started to help convince CBS and the CW to let Supergirl crossover with Arrow and The Flash.

When the Supergirl TV Show was announced, so many fans including myself were hopeful of a Crossover between the 3 shows, however CBS chairman Nina Tassler said 'those two show's are on a different network, so I think we'll keep Supergirl to ourselves for a while'.

I, presumably along with other with other fans are not happy about this, so a while ago I started a petition to help the crossover happen but it has struggled to get signatures and I have went to numerous Facebook and Twitter pages to help get more signatures but so far it has only gone to 74 signatures and I need 26 more to get to 100 and I need a lot of help to help reach the same amount that the petition to help bring back Constantine has.

The Petition states.....

The Flash, Arrow are good TV Shows and Supergirl is so far amazing, so all three shows to be set in the same universe and crossover would be amazing, but the problem is that CBS has said that they want to keep Supergirl to themselves, but I among all other fans can't let that happen and we want all four shows to crossover because it would be the most amazing TV special ever.

The petition was originally supposed to get both Supergirl and Constantine to crossover with Arrow and The Flash, but Constantine has already crossed over with Arrow and that caused Arrow's ratings to rise higher, and I know that if Supergirl and The Flash or Arrow crossed over, the ratings for both shows will definitely get higher and Supergirl has been ordered for a full season and it's rumored that the Flash will be in one of those episodes.

But the only way I think that a crossover would be good and acceptable if all shows are set in the same universe and seeing Cisco getting along with Winn Schott about the design of Supergirl and The Flash's outfits, and Supergirl being set in the same universe would confirm that Superman does indeed exist in the Arroverse.

I will be leaving the link to the petition at the bottom, I have only been getting more likes than signatures, so if people could please sign the petition hopefully we can make this crossover happen.

Here's the link.


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