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Gaming is not my usual subject but the news was worth writing about it. Indeed Warner Bros. seemingly announced, though not directly, that they are working on two new superheroes games taking place in the DC Universe.

The information doesn't seem to be hold a secret as a job offer was published on the recruitment team official website:

The Batman trilogy - without Origins - was a huge success and certainly contributed to the success of comic-books adaptations on TV and in movie theater. Video games based on comics rarely delivered and The Dark Knight proved that it was possible to do a good game without denaturing its hero.

Now the identity of the lucky ones remains a mystery and both games seem to be early in the process, meaning that we'll have to wait awhile before any official announcement drops. All the same, we can steal assess the most likely heroes who could appear.

The easy option: another sequel

Obviously, why stop when you have so much success ? It would be understandable that Warner wants to make money on an already establish and trustworthy brand. It would have a huge success, for sure, but I would personally have a little feeling of redundancy. Although I am a big Batman fan, I would like to see new heroes featured every once in a while.

The Green Arrow

This is surely one of the easiest hero to adapt on video games. The Emerald Archer is a very similar hero to Batman as he's simply a human with fights skills and a lot of toys. This description surely applies to other heroes like Nightwing but the success of The CW's Arrow could benefit in favor of the game and it would be a smart move from WB who would rely on a hero at the growing popularity. Plus, the developers would reckon on an already established game-play that they could use again.


When you're not thinking about Batman, which hero do you have in mind ? Obviously, the Man Of Steel is one of the most famous superheroes and still didn't get a game worthy of his history. The problem here is the game-play. Because before graphics, a game is all about game-play. How can you find a right balance to not make feel players overpowered with Kal-El's abilities. As other heroes like The Flash, pulling it off is certainly a challenge but not impossible.

The Justice League

This is kind of a daydream. Can you imagine Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other heroes together in a single game ? I guess it won't happen because the roster would be too huge to juggle with but it would be an awesome game to see. At least, a team-up game between two heroes, like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle?, is totally possible.

Warner Bros. are surely ambitious and want to expand their DC Universe on game console. They will definitely avail from the upcoming Batman vs Superman like they already did with Mad Max. Of course, this is not official but I think we can be pretty confident about a new DC game in the years to come.


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