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What!? Marvel problems? Unfortunately yes and they need to be fixed asap. Here are 5 things Marvel needs to fix.

1. Cancel All New All Different Series

Now I have huge problems with this mess of a comic series. Spider Woman looks like a shield agent, Thor is a female which just doesn't work for me, 4 spider heroes in one universe, falcon is Captain America, Ms Marvel is just a kid, Coulsen has a huge role here, and vision looks aweful. That's just my problems with this one poster, the new hulk and F4 look terrible as well, but please cancel this series and make a good comic series.

2. Explain Infinity Stones In The Movies

One problem my friends and family have with Marvel movies is that they're confused about what a infinity stone is and need more explanation/background story. They also don't know what a infinity gauntlet is and they certainly don't know how many stones there are and what is/isn't a stone. I think Marvel needs to do a more in depth explanation on them similar to what they did in GOTG too and help non comic reader understand what all of the Infinity stones are and what they power.

3. Lessen the Inhumans

It seems that in the MCU and Comics everything is becoming Inhuman. No one asked for that, Marvel is just trying to replace the Mutants, and that upsets me and others. The Inhumans are separate from other characters in Marvel so stop making everyone a Inhuman. Give us some lab accident or radioactive substance to cause superpowers, just please stop with the Inhumans and please don't make Captain Marvel one.

4. Keep The Movies To Themselves

I love the Marvel movies, LOVE. However they need to stop making everything based around the movies. The Comics don't need to have the events from the movies take place in them, keep them separate. I hate Avengers Assemble and The GOTG cartoon show, bring back Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes. Give us the different line up from the comics give us something new and different give us something more comicy.

5. Fix Animation

DC is kicking butt in this department. Several movies based on there famous comic stories and great TV shows that allow a separate story to be told from the big screen. A more comic book story. Marvel had The Ultimate Avengers movies and Earths Mightiest Heroes that are great because they have a cool lineup and tell great stories from the comics. Back to my last point if we get animated movies and shows that tell new comic stories separate from the movies it can do good. So cancel all the marvel animated shows on right now and make new shows that tell a new story. Give us a good animated movie series that we can enjoy.

What do you think of my list?

Anything I missed?

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