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Ever since GTA 1 came out, the GTA franchise kept getting more famous and better. The maps and the graphics got better and bigger and the viewpoint of the player went from birds eye view to third person and first person.

GTA 5 has been one of the most successful rockstar games creation. When it first came out in 2013, it was out of stock in almost every store for about a month. For playstation 3 and Xbox 360, it was third person and the graphics weren't the best, but for 2013, they were never before seen graphics.

Enough chit chat, now let's talk about the demands for GTA 6.

First things first, bigger map and new places.

So the city of Los Santos is actually based on LA (I'm sure most of you know this) and now we need multiple places, like San Andreas. It has a total of 4 cities. Los Santos is Los Angeles. San Fierro is based on San Fransisco. Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas and Sierra Nevada, whilst Red County is based on the Orange County. Mount Chilliad is also Mount Diablo. So my point is that we want a map containing multiple cities that can include San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia and, of course, L.A.

Damage Control

Next, we would like real damage, for example they should have a player mode in which we can destroy buildings or bridges. Okay, okay, that's too extreme - maybe we won't be able to bring the whole place down, but at least have some damage seen on the buildings; cracking or pieces falling off and more damage to cars. It's like when you crash into a lamp post, the damage should be more realistic. In GTA V, you only see the front bumper falling off or a few scratches and dents. However, we should be able to customize the amount of damage we want. We should have a setting in which we can set the damage effect from low, medium to high.

Gas Stations

The next thing is running out of gas and fueling up. That would be freaking awesome, giving the game a realistic effect. Not much to say about this.

Wanted Levels

So moving on to the next one, we should actually have a setting in which we can customize the sensitivity of the wanted level, for example we should be able to set it from low to high, so if you cross a red light and a cop is around you, he must pull you over and give you a ticket - which would just take it to the next level.

Character/Lifestyle customization

Next, we should be able to build up our body like workout and we should also be able to have a relationship.


And at last, it would be great to control the mature content in the game. For example, they cuss a lot (and when I say a lot I do mean it). You never know when you'll have a parent around. Even though I'm twenty, my fifteen year old brother plays it a lot and sometimes my mom is around and the characters start cussing. Even though it is funny, it would be amazing to have an on/off setting.

So that's all from me, well I hope you agree.


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