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Thor 3: Ragnarok has been teased in Avengers 2 and is becoming a highly anticipated film of mine, it's going to feature the Hulk and have more of a exploration into Thor's world.

1. Hulk Vs Thor

Thor is a God and Hulk is well, a God smashed. So I would personally love to see these two go head to head in a epic battle on another planet or even Asgard.

2. Surtur

Surtur is a fire demon, and his planet was teased in Thor 2. Everyone expects him to be the main villain. However they forget that Loki is on the throne at the end of [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462). So what if Loki and Surtur team up to destroy Thor.

3. Valkyrie

The Valkyrie were suppose to appear in Thor 2, their home world could be where a Hulk v Thor fight takes place. I would love to see atleast a cameo.

4. Return of Frost Giants

I would love to see some Hulk vs Frost Giant action and I personally loved seeing them in the first Thor movie.

5. Enchantress

A little mind warp from the Enchantress could be the reason Hulk and Thor fight and could help Loki kill his brother once and for all

6. Loki

With Loki sitting in Odin's throne it would make sense that he helps bring down Asgard once and for all. I would love to see Loki and Enchantress team up and bring Thor down. Loki is the trickster God and I think that he is the main villain of Thor 3: Ragnarok.

Anything you think I missed?

Who do you want in Thor 3?

Who do you think the villain is?

Sound off in the comments

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