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Ah, Star Wars. Such an impact on pop culture, my life, etc.

Since it's 1977 debut, Star Wars has mesmerized and enthralled millions upon millions of lives. For some reason, the phenomenon of it all has somewhat seemed unrealistic to many, including creator of the groundbreaking title, George Lucas.

It came across me one day, thinking about Star Wars while nearly crying (as usual), when I realized Star Wars's impact on, not only my life, but many others, was anything but a coincidence. I realized that the Force IS real. Allow me to explain...

"The Force. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together" - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Clue #1: It surrounds us...

Sit, for a short moment, and think about the last Star Wars thing you saw today (excluding this article). Chances are (never tell me the odds!), you've seen at least one other Star Wars thing today. By anything, I mean anything. Anything!!!

My point, here, is that Star Wars does really surround us. It's just common sense! One must not walk into any store without seeing any Star Wars merchandise... Especially after Force Friday!!! (Questioning stares... I'm looking at you, non-Star Wars fans, AKA losers...)

Okay, I've proved my point... Star Wars surrounds us. You already knew that, didn't you? Alright, here comes the 2nd biggest part...

Clue #2: ...and penetrates us.

Let me be straight up honest and admit that I had to check out to figure out what in the Outer Rim "penetrate" means. Ahem, my results...

"Penetrate= to pierce or pass into or through."

Okay, we've got that covered.

I'm going to take this metaphorically and say that penetrate really means to affect. Truthfully, 3 out of 5 human beings have somehow been affected by Star Wars. Roll the evidence...

Exhibit A: The cosplayer

Exhibit B: The family movie night

Personally, I'm both, but furthermore, this proves Star Wars's diverse audience... Even FURTHERmore, it proves that it penetrates many... but what about all?

Right about here is where sadness kicks in. The painful truth is that not EVERYBODY enjoys the Skywalker saga. 4 out of 5 of you guys reading this probably DO enjoy it, but, sadly, there are those who don't.

I know, Jawa... I'm crying too...
I know, Jawa... I'm crying too...

Okay, okay, Trekkies, give me a break... There is a minor detail you Star Wars haters may've missed. Cue once again!

"Affect= to act on; produce an effect or change in"

Yes, the Dictionary strikes back! Affect does not always mean "affect in a positive way". If you call yourself a Star Wars hater (to the Sarlacc Pit with you!) or if you just have not taken the time to give in to your feelings and watch it, you have still been affected by it. Technically, seeing an image of a Star Wars character sort of affects you, at least for two seconds!

Plus, not everyone in the galaxy was Force-sensitive! That's part of the fun! You think this guy was Force-sensitive? No way!!! (No offense, Gammorean guard! I love ya!)

Boom! What could stop me? Well, possibly the next part...

Clue #3: It binds the galaxy together.

Maybe this won't be hard at all! It's not hard to prove that many people love and cherish Star Wars, making it a huge part of their life. Oh, and boy do they show it! Check out some great evidence below.

Great quote on a great shirt! Can't beat it!
Great quote on a great shirt! Can't beat it!
Yes, those are in fact Legos.
Yes, those are in fact Legos.
Mama Shmi, that's good!
Mama Shmi, that's good!

And now, the greatest proof of Star Wars binding the galaxy together... I give you Star Wars Celebration!!!

Speechless, huh??? I think I've proved my point... The Force may not be capable of moving things with one's mind (as far as we know), but it is capable of moving one's heart, as well as sharing that passion with others throughout the galaxy.

I think I speak for every Force-sensitive human, Wookie, Ewok, Sullustan, etc. when I say...

May the Force be with You... Always...


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