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We all love watching and re-watching Christmas films over the course of December, but sometimes it's easy to forget that some of our favorite TV shows did epic Christmas themed episodes, and I think it's only fair to rank some of my favorites!

15. The Office US ('A Benihana Christmas')

While The Office has given us great joy through the years, it has also become famous for it's Christmas episodes, and this one from Season 3 was done perfectly, with Michael giving away charity christmas presents to a girl, Angela's Christmas party squaring off against Karen and Pam's, and a whole lot of Christmassy fun!

14. Friends ('The One With the Routine')

Friends meanwhile was always good for a christmas episode, and one of it's very best was 'The One With the Routine', where we saw Monica and Ross, in a desperate attempt to get on television, do a ridiculous and brilliant dance routine from their childhood, while Joey tried and succeeded in making out with his hot Australian roommate!

13. The West Wing '(In Excelsis Dio')

The West Wing remains to this day as probably my favorite television show, because every detail for 7 Seasons was perfectly done in every way. And the Christmas episode from Season 1 was an early indicator of just how good this show was, with Toby using the President's name to get a military funeral for a Vietnam veteran while the rest of the team deals with a terrible hate crime fallout.

12. The Simpsons ('Marge be not Proud')

The Simpsons has done a large number of Christmas episodes over it's time on air, but one of the top ones is this early one from Season 6. Bart tried and failed to shoplift a video game, and when Marge finds out she decides to leave him out of family activities to punish him. It's a great story of redemption for Bart, as are hundreds of Simpsons episodes!

11. Big Bang Theory ('The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis')

While The Big Bang Theory isn't as well known as other sitcoms for holiday episodes, it did this one great Christmas episode where Sheldon, being Sheldon, attempts to figure out which of the many gift baskets he bought for Penny she deserves. It's a hilarious use of Sheldon's strange character traits, but has a beautiful twist when Penny gives him Leonard Nimoy's autograph and Sheldon is genuinely thankful (and tries to give her all the gift baskets!)

10. Community ('Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas')

As Community fans know very well, Abed is a incredibly strange, so it wasn't a big shock when he imagined everything was stop motion over Christmas and took them all on a magical journey in an attempt to find the true meaning of Christmas. It's a hilarious tale, and has a deeper meaning when you find out Abed is doing it because his mother isn't coming over for Christmas anymore.

9. How I Met Your Mother ('How Lily Stole Christmas')

How I Met Your Mother has done a number of holiday themed episodes, but this one from Season 2 was always my favorite! Lily gets upset and takes away her Christmas display when she finds out something Ted said about her whenever her and Marshall weren't dating, and in traditional How I Met Your Mother fashion, everything goes wrong.

8. The Simpsons ('Miracle on Evergreen terrace')

As I said, the Simpsons has done a lot of Christmas themed episodes, and this is the best without a doubt! Bart burns down the tree, destroying all of the presents, and blames it on a burglar, escaping the trouble he deserves to get in, but can he deal with the guilt? It's a story about how Christmas brings out the best in people, and that's what you want to see in Christmas specials!

7. Friends ('The One With the Holiday Armadillo')

While Friends have also done a lot of Christmas episodes, this is the best of all! When Ross gets his son for the holidays, he decides to teach him about Jewish traditions, and makes the mistake of dressing as the Holiday Armadillo instead of Santa Clause, which doesn't work in the way he wanted it to! The endless gifs made from this episode alone mean it deserves to be up here!

6. Futurama ('The Futurama Holiday Spectacular')

This extravaganza shows Futurama at it's very best. Split into three different stories, all of which are brilliant, this extra long episode makes me laugh again and again no matter how many times I watch it!

5. The Office US ('Christmas Party')

I did say that The Office always did Christmas well, and never did it do better than in it's 2nd Season, when Yankee Swap was made! Jim, having gotten Pam an incredible gift and having written her a card finally tells her how he feels, and desperately tries to ensure she gets the gift instead of one of the other workers. Meanwhile Michael tries to greedily get the best present, and almost ruins everyone's Christmas in the process! The fact that we didn't see Pam open this card for 7 years after this shows how special this episode was!

4. The West Wing ('Noel')

Like I said previously, The West Wing is still my favorite show, and this is one of the best episodes of it, and of television, I have ever seen! The resolution to Josh getting shot, the mental toll it has been taking on him for months, is heartbreaking to watch, and yet it's amazing how he gets through it with help from his friends. And this scene below is one of the best things ever.

3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ('A very sunny Christmas')

While It's Always Sunny isn't known for doing holiday specials, this one episode on it's own made it rather famous for it. Celebrating Christmas in the most inappropriate way imaginable, Charlie and Mac find out Mac's parents stole all the presents he got as a child, while Charlie finds out he only got presents because his mom sold her body to men for them. Then Charlie goes crazy and brutally attacks a man dressed as Santa, which you can see below! WARNING FOR VERY BAD LANGUAGE!

2. Father Ted - (Christmas Special)

While Father Ted only had 3 short Seasons, it is still an incredibly funny show, and goes down as another favorite of mine. The best episode it ever had has got to be the extra long Christmas special, where Ted finally wins a reward for being a priest, only to have to defend it from a man intent on stealing it! The largest lingerie section in Ireland scene just makes me laugh so much. Watch it below!

This is definitely the most hilarious Christmas special I've ever seen! But is it the best? No! Not quite! Why?

1. Doctor Who ('The End of Time')

Because of this! Doctor Who has a long tradition with Christmas episodes, faithfully having one every year for the last decade, but this was the most important! The show was completely changed forever by this 2-part episode, the episode when David Tennant left the show, as did several of the showrunners! The entire show changed after this episode, and what an episode it was too! The Doctor's greatest adversary, the Master, took him on and almost beat him, and it all ended in an awesome regeneration! This is probably the best episode of Doctor Who there has ever been, and it is the greatest Christmas TV episode I have ever seen!

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