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Dear writers of The Originals before learning that you are planning for Jackson to be killed and for Cami to become a vampire I was writing a motivating text to the fans of the show that the things they are missing now they will get later in the show.

Even if I'm still optimistic that we will get more Klayley interaction and more family focus, I'll still have to tell you that I think that the Haylijah and Klamille sex that you are planning will drive not only opposed shippers, but the general audience away.

Most of the shows fandom doesn't find the combination of Hayley and Elijah and Klaus and Cami as a couple interesting.

The general audience watches for the family and their story being explored, where I can say that I am one of those fans and viewers, despite being a Klayley shipper with good reason.

You have started the show with the ships of Haylijah and Klamille alongside the family drama. You wanted showcase a “forbidden love” kind of romance with Hayley and Elijah who is her childs uncle may be interesting for some fans, but most of them can't morally support it, adding that there are Klelijah fans who think of Hayley as being a bitch cause she is jumping from brother to brother and driving a rift between the brothers. I'm a fan of Hayley and don't support the opinion (same as many others), but can understand it. I just wanted you to know that this is one of the factors why the relationship isn't helping the characters to be liked besides that many don't understand how Elijah can be in love with the mother of his brothers child and judge him for it.

There are many different reasons why people don't support Klaus and Cami as a couple, but one significant is that they feel that Klaus can't break out of his cycle of self loathing cause he tries to live up to the expectations of a pure person and that Cami won't benefit in anyway to be dragged into the supernatural drama like this adding that she is having feelings for a bad boy, while she herself admitted that those are not good for her and that she despite being a good person deserves them.

Besides that, the problems the fans have with the romantic storyline for Haylijah and Klami don't stop here. The writing for those ships so far hasn't served any character development Elijah is constantly stuck between Hayley and his familial problems being the taking the role of the always controlled patriarch of his family, but he is never really happy or facing his own issues.

As Hayley and Elijah were apart you started the red door storyline to dive into Elijahs dark side which started interesting, but was resolved in a few episodes only for Elijah to be pulled back in the same situation which where he is again anything but happy. In short fans are interested for Elijah to get his dark side more explored, so is Daniel Gillies himself as I know having watched the last Comic Con.

I myself like the character of Cami, but her character is treated even worse than the character of Elijah.

Since season 2 Cami is practically not present if her scenes and storyline isn't revolving around Klaus, which isn't helping viewers who are for woman empowerment in a modern time. Giving the the familial background and issues of Cami you have a lot you can work with to make Cami a strong female character who stands her own ground for the human party against the supernatural by letting her be human and than eventually turn her later into a vampire instead of making her a damsel in destress .Even when she is turned I and the general audience isn't interested to see Klaus and Cami as a couple more precisely them being endgame. I wanna say that those fans of the show who don't like, and hate Cami find her boring or in the worst case want her dead are not feeling that way simply because they don't want her to be with Klaus, it's because she doesn't contribute anything to the plot.

I am sorry that Leah Pipes doesn't feel respected by fans for her work but the fans love Leah, but are generally unsatisfied with the storyline for her character. I wanna add thaat the fans ship Cami with many characters like Elijah, Vincent etc. but many don't like her with Klaus if you don't want cami to have no love interest and don't don't know with which character to put her with

With the current ships ,you have the situation that people just wait for them to happen, which isn't interesting to watch as a viewer.

With Klaus and Hayley or Klayley how the ship is called you have two badass people and parents with trust issues, who have a complicated relationship but still can relate to the twisted side of each other and make each other confident. Klaus calls Hayley little wolf, queen and Madonna which shows a deep connection between them. Despite that Hayley is capable of calling Klaus out on the stuff he does wrong which makes him question his ways and grow, while Klaus makes Hayley stronger in different ways which made her come to terms with being a hybrid and a queen to her pack, he is also the only one who always kept his promise to protect her and their child, which is the most important thing for Hayley. They also laugh the most with each other and have this simply yet deep and honest conversations with each other.

Hayley is the only one who never called Klaus a monster and she is the only one who told him that what his father thinks about him isn't true. Klaus who daggered his own sister in TVD season 4 because he doesn't trust anyone which he told Lucien again in the season 3 premiere told Hayley in season 2 (with whom he is at odds with when season 3 starts )that he trust her more than she knows. You see that you have written the show in that way that you could make Klaus and Hayley end up together in a convincing way which I hope you actually intended from the beginning if not you should definitely now. There scenes are so intense that the scenes in 3x02 made people ship them who never realized their potential before.

Another thing that the fans of the show care very much about is the family and all of the Mikealson siblings who were all expected to be at focus in the show when the show the Originals started to air. So I'm sure we will see Rebekah portraited by Claire Holt in present time but make sure to resurrect Kol , because fans want him back and miss him. Some were preferring the Kol from TVD portraited by Nathaniel Buzolic some could relate to Kols character for the first time when he was a witch in season 2. Nomatter how and in which body you bring Kol back every fan loves him and wants him to come back in present time. I don't know why you thought that writing for the Haylijah and Klami ships like this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's too late to make a switch in the writing to make them likeable for the audience that far into the show. Even if this is a lot of bad criticism I wanna say that the fans like the atmosphere on the show and it's characters and are still invested in the show they just don't like the shift of focus caused by the ships Haylijah and Klami.

So make sure to end those ships now and develop family, character and Klayley as a couple cause with them the family focus would not be lacking since they are a family itself with Hope and Hayley is a accepted member who takes charge with the Mikealsons in times of danger . I also hope you intend to bring Klaus's and Hayleys pack back again, cause they both indentify themselves through there wolf side and since you have created Klaus as a character who started of in TVD as someone who wanted to connect to his werewolf side it wouldn't be wise to drop this aspect of the show The Originals and it's story.

Please don't take that as a blunt shipper request, but as a well meant advise of a fan of your show who cares about it's survival, thank you.

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