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I love when my favorite movies have a tangible place in the real world. For example, my childhood best friend got a dalmatian puppy a few weeks after 101 Dalmatians came out in theaters. It was pretty much the greatest thing ever to obsess over the on-screen dogs and then have a real life pup to play with just a little while later.

Now that I'm not 6 anymore, I'm less interested in dogs and more interested in jewelry. My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I talk about something sparkly that catches my eye on Pinterest, but when I showed him my most recent find, even he was intrigued.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming to theaters in less than three weeks, excitement is reaching an all time high. It's slated to be one of the biggest movie events of the DECADE and pre-sale tickets have already hit $100 million. That's insane.

Anyway, a ton of companies and brands have hopped on the Star Wars bandwagon (or should I say, fanwagon, haha) and started creating movie themed items for the biggest fans out there.

There's Star Wars candy and clothing, obviously, but my favorite movie themed stuff that's made its way into the real world is the bling! Seriously. Brilliant Earth came out with the most unbelievable collection of sparkly engagement rings for those of us who geek the hell out over Star Wars. There's a Millennium Falcon ring that is spot on and my guy friends all said they'd kill for the Boba Fett one. The princess Leia ring is a bit of a stretch, but the two diamonds do allude to her signature hair buns. The Death Star ring doesn't exactly look like the spaceship, but it's a totally awesome ring nonetheless.

Death Star ring
Death Star ring

Anyway, there will surely be boatloads of Star Wars related paraphernalia being released in the coming weeks, but this was the first collection of real life swag that got me all amped up.


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