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I'm always up for a little bit of quirky fan art. I've seen Disney princesses gender-bent, turned into murderers and mixed together. I've seen plenty of things done to superheroes, but making them fat is, I must admit, a new one.

The awesome art below was all made by Alex Solis, and you can check out his Instagram page by clicking here!

There's not much more I can say about this insane art, so I'll just show you!


Some say that Batman can fly, well this one can't. Imagine the strain that the batarang would be put under when he fires it.

Captain America!

All I have to say is that that guy is more representative of the real America than a guy with a load of abs who is 6ft2.


Hulk is usually really muscular... not this time. He's really going to smash that chicken to pieces. It wasn't exactly gamma radiation that did this to him. You really don't want to see him when he's hungry.

Iron Man!

This really brings up an interesting question about how well Tony Stark's suits have to be custom fitted for him. Also he should probably be working on inventing size pills instead of armor.


Does he swing from a web? No... it breaks and he falls.


The man of steel... melted a little.


Remember when Thor shouted "This is excellent! Another!" well that kept happening... just kept going on and on. Those wavy locks are all he has left now.


I knew that diet Hugh Jackman keeps up would come back to haunt him some day. At least he's finally in the yellow suit.

As a little bonus I want to throw this next one in, because even though it isn't a superhero, it's absolutely hilarious!


I don't see the difference really.

So what do you think guys? Do you want to see more of this in our films or would you prefer to stick with the chiseled abs we have today?


Which of the heroes was your favourite?


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