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This would be fabulous as a TV series. Using, Jerry Ordway's Graphic Novel "The Power of SHAZAM", has its starting point, with a 2 hour pilot. Set in the Wonderful, Art Deco, City of Fawcett, a mix of Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Then, the first year of the storyline would be getting to understand his powers, and the evil he has to face, Dr Sivana, talking with the Wizard SHAZAM, being adopted, .

Year 2, the search for his sister Mary, and then her empowerment as Mary Marvel.

Year 3, An old evil awakens, Captain Nazi, the Fawcett Golden Age, Mystery Men, Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Spy Smasher, Ibis the Invincible, Minute-Man, Captain Midnight, Phantom Eagle, Mister Scarlet and Pinky and Golden Arrow (who would have been, shown as the inspiration for Green Arrow), and a young Jewish boy crippled in battle, becomes Captain Marvel Junior.

Year 4, Everyone is acting strangely. (Mister Mind).

Year 5, the return of Teth Adam, and Doctor Sivana's revenge using Mister Atom.

Marvel/Disney's copyright of Captain Marvel, only applies to the titles of Comicbooks and Magazines, it does not apply to the Character.


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