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This is one long thesis put together to add to the theory that Bane was actually invented/created to help Batman reach his truest potential. I will work on a more refined blog if people can get a hold of this. I hope you enjoy....

Wruce Bayne

Bane/Bayne- “No one cared who I was till I put on the mask”- This could lead to a belief of being something “more” than a man. This is where it really starts off as you start to look at Bane as a sort of “psychotic fan” and how he truly holds nothing but admiration for his hero, albeit misguided admiration, (Think Jason Lee’s character in the Incredibles). He wants Batman to be the best person he can be to leave his legacy. And he goes to EXTREME lengths to get him there. The whole time though, it is imperative to look at Bane and his lines, actions, voice inflection, etc…as if he were a die-hard fan of Batman. It is also important to view this relationship during their fights as Master to Student (Think Beatrice and Pai Mei in Kill Bill Vol. 2). Also, I know sometimes when people talk about an “alter-ego” they switch the first letters in their name. Bruce Wayne = Wruce Bayne. Let’s take a look at some other points.

- While still in the plane the CIA Agent ask, “Was this the next step in YOUR Master Plan?” Indicating that it is in fact Bane’s plan and no one else’s (not even Talia’s). There is also a point after the Stock Market incident in which Daggett is yelling at Bane. He states something like, “YOUR hit on the stock market didn’t work”, again showing it was Banes plan all along and no one else’s.

- “Your weakness has cost the lives of 3 people” This is when the “thugs” bring Gordon to Bane for the first time. During the scene before, three police officers were in the sewers with Gordon in which an explosion went off (supposedly) killing the 3 Police Officers who were with them. Why would Bane care? Does he believe in TRUE justice and unnecessary violence like his hero Batman?

- Before the first Bane/Batman fight, isn’t it interesting that Talia comes over before-hand and gives Bruce a little afternoon delight? How “drained” was Bruce after that? A great plan to insure that he would not be fighting at full strength allowing Bane to continue with the most important part of his plan. Batman’s necessary defeat.

- Another interesting point during the fight, and going back to the mindset of Bane being a “crazy fan”. When Bane is going through one of his monologues he talks about, “I am here to fulfill Ra’s Aguls destiny”. But if you really listen to him and watch his arms, his arms move up like DUH I am here to fulfill R.A.’s destiny. Why this is interesting, is because earlier in the movie when Selena Kyle asks Bruce Wayne who he was supposed to be at the Gala. Bruce answers in almost the same sarcastic tone Bane does when he answers (in complete sarcasm); “I’m Billionaire Bruce Wayne of course”. Indicating to the audience that he PLAYS Bruce Wayne, but is really Batman. That same tone was indicated to me when Bane said what he said. Indicating to me, that he PLAYS the villain, but his true plan is to help Batman, which makes him a hero.

- Some other interesting quotes during the fight are one, when Bane states something like, “You think Darkness is your ally?” To me, this was saying that Batman thinks his depression and pain from his parent’s death are what drive him and make him great. Bane then goes on to talk about not seeing the “light” till he was a young man. Again, looking from the lense of Bane being in admiration of Batman. Just like people have religious experiences and see “the light”, Bane was ex-communicated from the League of Shadows (possibly), after seeing the light that Bruce saw in that the symbol of true justice. That you can’t be a man, but rather a symbol or belief (or a man in a mask). And serve TRUE justice.

- To go along with the Master and Student mentality of a fight, it is interesting to interpret Bane’s meaning when he stated. “The shadows betray you, because they belong to me.” Just like a master would to a student (just like Ra’s says to Bruce in a lot of ways in Batman Begins), Bane believes Batman cannot use what he is using to keep him going (darkness). He needs to see the “light”. He needs to see why a symbol is greater than just a single man/person.

- During Bane’s speech in the stadium, he says something like, “The Police will survive, as they learn to serve TRUE justice.” This goes back to Bane fighting for that “innocent” belief. The Police have been locking away criminals under a false idol (Harvey Dent). They, like Batman, must learn what it truly means to stand up to corruption and injustice. Also, the trials Bane holds it seems are to get rid of some of those corrupt bureaucrats Batman would have otherwise had to deal with on his own. While Batman is in that prison, Bane is essentially easing his transition back into Gotham so that the people can start taking over.

- During Bruce’s Dream in the prison, he sees R.A. in which the exchange goes Bruce: “I watched you die”. R.A. “I told you I was immortal”. At the very end of the movie, when Batman knocks Bane to the ground Bane states “I broke you, how have you come back?” This is RIGHT along the lines of what Bruce envisioned in his dream. Bruce now knows (thanks to Bane), that HE is not in fact immortal, just like he states in the first movie but never learned. Batman is a symbol, not a man, and a symbol can be incorruptible and everlasting. It can be IMMORTAL. On a side note, I also find it very interesting to see Bane tear up, as if they are almost tears of joy to finally see his apprentice fulfill the destiny he laid out for him.

Alfred in on it- Now that we can kind of see some pieces to this “other puzzle” it is very interesting to look at the other characters and if they were all part of Banes plan as well. Even to the point they may have been helping Bane.

- “There’s nothing out there for me”. Right after this line, Alfred goes into his diatribe about “moving on”. This is a big hint that Alfred is (possibly) in on Banes Master Plan. Alfred tells the story about how he takes a “Holiday”. If Alfred is in on Bane’s plan, this makes perfect sense. Alfred knows at some point he is going to have to leave Bruce to himself. And the only way to ever see him again would be to tell him that story as sort of a “bread crumb trail”.

- Bruce getting to “gear up” again. Alfred tries to give him a talk to be that symbol, rather than the man. The back and forth went something like; Bruce: “If this man is everything you say he is, this city needs me”. Alfred: “The city doesn’t need your body, it needs your resources, your knowledge…” It is also interesting to note that after Alfred tries to give this speech in hopes Master Wayne will listen, and then doesn’t. Alfred somehow reaches out to Bane, to continue the plan. Next day. Stock Market and Batman’s BACK! (Side note: During the chase Bane pauses to look back. Sticking with the theme of Bane being Super fan, why couldn’t there be a big smile underneath that helmet? A smile in admiration?

- After Bruce gets back from the stock market attack, Alfred is waiting for him to give him “one more chance”, to “retire”. While they are looking at the video of Bane breaking in to the stock exchange, Alfred says something like, “I see speed, I see ferocity, I see BELIEF”. A belief in what? If sticking with the theme, it is the belief to make Batman his best. The belief to finish his plan.

- After this “argument” Alfred says it is the last thing he will do for Bruce. This was another chance Alfred was giving Bruce to hang up his cape before contacting Bane to continue with the plan. The exchange goes something like; Alfred: “You only see one end to your journey (dying before he can fulfill his full potential), leaving is all I have to make you understand. I also may be saving your life”. This set the next chain of events that would bring Bruce back to why he first started Batman.

Lucius in on it- When Bruce goes to see Lucius for the first time, and they go down to R&D. Before they do, they talk about how attractive Miranda Tate is (echoing what Alfred had said to him a few nights before). Bruce gets annoyed again in which Lucius responds, “We all just want what’s best for you Bruce”. Notice he didn’t call him Mr. Wayne as he usually does. If he was looking out for Mr. Wayne, he would give him his toys and let him be on his way. Just like he did almost entirely the first two movies. But to me (and indicating again he is in on the plan), he, like Alfred, wants what is best. Even if that best is letting someone like Bane take over and show Bruce the “fire/light”. (Think of those camps that come and kidnap your kids in the middle of the night to help them learn more self-respect/discipline). It’s that “tough love”.

Lucius indicates something interesting when he states that he has been putting all the “prototypes” under one roof. HIS roof. Why would Lucius be putting them under ONE roof? I know he can protect it that way, but in the first two movies we are led to believe that Lucius is a very cerebral and logical person. This decision is the opposite of that. This will show up later when again, you start looking at this plan with Bane, Alfred, Selena and Lucius all in on it together.

There is a point later in the movie when Bane sets the bombs off under the armory and says, “…your precious armory. Gratefully accepted”. Now again, I know we are to think that he was saying it as most bad guys do when they take something they want. But looking at it from this view, if Lucius was in on it and started putting everything under one roof (see above), maybe he is telling Bruce the truth.

Another point later in the movie, Lucius should have been taken to trial, but wasn’t. Leading AGAIN to the belief that he was working with Bane. If Bane was fully aware of Lucius being able to manipulate the bomb from that large sewage drain, how was he set free to escape back down there and help Bruce with his “air superiority” in the Batwing? AND, to keep with the Batwing, don’t you find it interesting that Lucius and Bruce have to go back to the Bat (which Lucius introduced very early to Bruce to entice him as well as inform him about the auto-pilot), to get the EMP guidance system? Again, pointing a lot of fingers to Lucius and him being in on the plan with Alfred, Selena, and Bane.

Selena Kyle’s Role- “Take me to Bane”. Selena- “You asked”. You can tell she waited for Batman to say he wanted to. This indicates another “tripwire” that Bane has set up. Just as he did with Alfred before the Stock Market, before Alfred left, etc…

- At another point in the movie, when Selena and Bruce break out Talia and Lucius, it is interesting to listen to the back and forth between Selena and Lucius. One of his lines is “I like your girlfriend Mr. Wayne”. Which I thought was interesting compared to what most of us would ask even if sarcastically, something like, “WHO’S your girlfriend Mr. Wayne?” Indicating that they may have met before.

The men in Prison- When we get to Batman in the Pit, Bane and Bruce go back and forth. Then Bane states something like, “and then when you have truly understood the depth of your failure, WE will fulfill R.A. Ghul’s destiny, WE will destroy Gotham”. This is “baiting” Bruce to fight. Because then Bane ends with, “and then you have my permission to die”. Again, if Bruce doesn’t recognize what Batman is meant to truly be, then he will have failed, Bane will have no choice but to destroy Gotham, and Bruce can die along with the idea of Batman.

- To start off, the precedent is set when one of the men talks about how “Bane is paying me more than that to keep you alive”. Sure, we are lead to believe he wants Bruce alive so he can see the destruction of his city. Or he can see what’s happening while he’s in that pit. AND RISE, like a Phoenix from the ashes. And to go back to the beginning in the plane, when the one man who has to stay with the crash ask, “Have we started the fire?” And Bane replies, “Yes, the fire rises”. Again indicating that everything from the beginning to the end of the plan is all Banes, and it is to get Batman to rise up again as the symbol, as the light.

- The back and forth continues until the one doctor hears what he needs to hear from Bruce in order to give him “The Final Speech”. That speech is the one in which he tells Bruce “You do not fear death, you think that makes you strong, but that makes you weak”. Bruce replies that he doesn’t fear death (himself), but he fears dying in that hole. Once the prison Dr. heard that, he knew Bruce understood that if he dies in that prison, the idea of Batman will die too. And that he must make the jump without the rope. He has to take that “leap of faith”.

Commissioner Gordon-

- Now what is interesting this whole time, is again Alfred, Bane, Selena, and Lucius all seem to be working together. It seems the only person who is left out is Commissioner Gordon, which of course is explained why…

- It seems during the day when Gordon is caught and put on trial, he is not walked out on the ice until nighttime. Why the delay? Looking from the Bane in a hero lenses again, we notice that- Bruce is back and gets with Lucius before putting up his large ass Batman Flame Logo. Lucius in turn tells Bane Bruce is back, in which Bane gives the word to have Gordon walked out to the ice. Bane knows Batman will be there to save him. Gordon’s death was never part of the plan as he had MULTIPLE times to kill him but didn’t. (Like when he was in the Sewer). And yes I know he was waiting to kill him and could have. But he DIDN’T.

- At the end, when Batman is going to take off with the bomb. C. Gordon stops him and says, “I never cared who you were before”. This IS HUGE in the reveal of how this has been the master plan all along. Bane knew that C. Gordon really didn’t buy into the true justice, which is the “idea” of Batman and that anyone can be that symbol. If he had, he would have given up the secret of H. Dent AND NOT LET Batman take the fall

- Another interesting series of dialogue… Batman: “A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended.” Big quote into making sure Gordon “saw the light”. Again driving home this message that Bane had seen in “the light”. That ANYOONE can be a hero by doing the simplest of deeds or selfless actions.

- Another interesting quote relating to this is when Blake AKA Robin says, “Nobody will ever know who saved and entire city”. In which Gordon replies, “They know who it was, it was the Batman”. Why this is so relevant is because again, Gordon never saw the light. As Bruce and Gordon first spoke in the hospital they talked about the evil they buried and how it has come back. They didn’t do the right thing. They weren’t standing as that symbol for justice. NOW Gordon has been taught that lesson. A man didn’t save a city, a symbol and what it stood for did. And Bane’s plan worked.


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